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Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign on the zodiac circle and represents the transition of the sun through the sign of the Crab between June 21 and July 22 every year, according to the tropical astrology.

Therefore, everyone who is born in this period is said to belong to the Cancer sign. The symbol associated with this sign is the Crab. This is another non human symbol, now belonging to the world of the seas.

The Crab with his tough shell symbolizes the innate need of Cancerians for stability and warmth in their lives. This crustacean is also symbolic for the emotional retreat of the moody native in Cancer. The glyph for the Cancer zodiac sign depicts the Crab with its clamps spread around.

Symbolism and history of the Crab:

The Crab in the Cancer astrology meaning is the representative figure of the water crustacean always in a self protection mode. The Crab shelters from danger in its shell and comes out only when there is no dancer around.

In Greek mythology this was the giant crab that was used by Heracles in the battle he fought against Hydra in the second of his twelve labors. The Crab seems to have been sent by the goddess Hera to distract Heracles from winning over the giant sea monster, Hydra.

The Crab that carries his house around seems to be the best metaphor to describe the attachment of Cancer to family values and to the safety of his home. It also symbolizes the connection that this zodiac sign has with the space of water.

Characteristics of the Crab:

There are five main directions in which the symbolism of the Crab can be used to describe the character of the Cancer individual. The first and most suggestive of all is the fact that the Crab carries his shell everywhere in order to get shelter in case of danger. Just the same, Cancerians feel the need to have a space of their own in which they can retreat from the hardships of the world and in which they can be alone with their feelings.

The Cancer native is a highly emotional individual who is sometimes insecure of his owns abilities and who needs constant reminding of his capacities. Just like the ties in the sea, Cancer’s mood swings constantly between highs and lows, although most of these natives long for emotional stability.

The Crab seems to cling with its pincers to anything he gets the chance to just as the Cancerian can attach to other people and be very loving and loyal but also clingy and pretentious. The Cancer native is a master in using emotional tools to convince and even manipulate those around.

The Crab cannot really move forward and his movements are more sideways. This is similar to Cancerians, whom, despite making great leaders seem to be taking extra routes to reach their destination. They are known to sometimes choose the complicated alternatives.

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