Scorpio Sign Symbol

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Scorpio is the eight zodiac sign on the zodiac circle and represents the transition of the sun through the sign of the Scorpion between October 23 and November 21 every year, according to the tropical astrology.

Therefore, everyone who is born in this period is said to belong to the Scorpio sign. The symbol associated with this sign is the Scorpion. This represents danger, tenacity and resilience.

The Scorpion is an animal living close to water and that is not aggressive on its own but only when provoked can react vindictive. The glyph for the Scorpio zodiac sign depicts the scorpion with its proud and stingy tail.

Symbolism and history of the Scorpion:

The Scorpion in the Scorpio astrology meaning is the representative figure of the animal in the story of Orion. Artemis, the goddess of hunting used to spend her time with Orion, a fact that annoyed her brother Appollo because he knew that Orion didn’t have the right intentions with Artemis. He then tried to send a giant scorpion to kill Orion. The scorpion, his tool of revenge managed to kill him. As remembrance of this episode Zeus decided to put both Orion and the giant scorpion up in the skies amongst the stars. So the Scorpio was both a tool of revenge and justice.

Characteristics of the Scorpion:

The Scorpion is a difficult animal that is both fierce and calm. It only reacts stinging if provoked. Therefore Scorpio natives seem to have developed a strong emotional self defense mechanism. Just as Cancerians they also benefit from that strong shell to keep them safe. It can be poisonous just as Scorpio natives are vindictive and used to holding grudges as they are quite aggressive underneath that peaceful cover.

These natives possess a great intuition and they can see beyond many things. Unfortunately their views might sometimes be obstructed by their own fixed beliefs and obsessions.

They are seekers of truth and accomplishment, they do whatever it takes to reach their objectives but in the same time they have a hard time accepting defeat.

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