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Air is one of the four elements that astrology has associated to the basic human characteristics, besides Fire, Water and Earth.

This force symbolizes communication and curiosity. The Air cycle is composed out of three zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Each of these three sun signs presents the influence of Air modulated by other aspects of the sign like the modality or ruling house.

The following article presents the basic characteristics of the Air zodiac signs, the other symbolisms of Air and the associations of this element with Gemini; Libra respectively Aquarius and also the main characteristics of the Air elements in the three representative zodiac signs.

Zodiac elements: Air

This is an element primarily defined through communication, friendliness and innovative endeavors. Air represents another essential element for life and it can be modified by the influence of each of the other three elements. It reflects purity, transparence and clarity. It can be easily modeled but never contained. Air means adaptability and travel.

This is the third in line of the elements to start the zodiac and governs the third, seventh and eleventh zodiac sign. Therefore it is associated with the eloquence and friendliness of the third house, the patience and tolerance of house seven and the affectivity and humanitarian endeavors of the eleventh house. Those natives born under an Air sign are likely to take great interest in the three aspects mentioned above.

Air in association with Fire: produces heat and makes things reveal new aspects. Heated air can show the true meaning of various situations.

Air in association with Water: This combination depends on the characteristics of Air, if the Air is warm the water keeps its properties but if the air is heated, water may produce some steam.

Air in association with Earth: This combination produces dust and helps release all kinds of powers.

Air zodiac signs

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