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Earth is one of the four elements that astrology has associated to the basic human characteristics, besides Fire, Water and Air.

This force symbolizes practicality, balance and materialism. The Earth cycle is composed of three zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Each of these three sun signs presents the influence of Earth modulated by other aspects of the sign, like the modality or ruling house.

The following article presents the basic characteristics of the Earth zodiac signs, the other symbolisms of Earth and the associations of this element with Fire; Water respectively Air and also the main characteristics of the Earth elements in the three representative zodiac signs.

Zodiac elements: Earth

This is an element primarily defined through stability, realism and trustworthiness. It reflects the dependability of soil and the practicality of all down to earth endeavors. From Earth is said we come to Earth we are buried. This means that Earth is the caring mother of all plants and consolidates all human actions. It is the most stable of all elements and was said to be counted on.

This is the second in line of the elements to start the zodiac and governs the second, sixth and tenth zodiac signs. Therefore it is associated with the practicality and materialistic approach of the second house, with the reliability and balance and partnership of house seven and the hard work and education of house ten. All those natives born under an Earth sign are likely to take great interest in the three aspects mentioned above.

Earth in association with Fire: Fire models earth and Earth gives sense to the first. Earth needs the action of Fire to get new purposes.

Earth in association with Water: The first tempers Water while Water can help model and transform earth while nourishing it.

Earth in association with Air: Produces dust and helps release all kinds of powers.

Earth zodiac signs

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