Fire Element Description

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Fire is one of the four elements that astrology has associated to the basic human characteristics, besides Water, Earth and Air.

This force symbolizes enthusiasm, action and spirit. The Fire cycle is composed of three zodiac signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Each of these three sun signs presents the influence of Fire modulated by other aspects of the sign such as the modality and house ruling.

The following article presents the basic characteristics of the Fire zodiac signs, the other symbolisms of Fire and the associations of this element with Water; Earth respectively Air and also the main characteristics of the Fire elements in the three representative zodiac signs.

Zodiac elements: Fire

This is an element primarily defined through action and spirit. It reflects courage and passion. Fire means power and enlightenment. It was a mean for people to get warm and to cook their meals from ancient times therefore it reflects a basic position in the life of all human.

Fire gets people to action and strengthens their powers. This is also the first of the four elements to start the zodiac and governs the first, fifth and ninth zodiac signs. Therefore it is associated with the personal approach of house one, the fifth house of pleasures and recreation and the tenth house of public life an occupations. Those natives born under a Fire sign are likely to take great interest in the three aspects mentioned above.

Fire in association with Water heats and then makes things boil up and can be a combination hard that requires caution when managing.

Fire in association with Earth: Fire models earth and Earth gives sense to the first. Earth needs the action of Fire to get new purposes.

Fire in association with Air produces heat and makes things reveal new aspects. Heated air can show the true meaning of various situations.

Fire zodiac signs

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