Water Element Description

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Water is one of the four elements that astrology has associated to the basic human characteristics, besides Fire, Earth and Air.

This force symbolizes fluidity, sensitivity and intuition.The Water cycle is composed of three zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Each of these three sun signs presents the influence of Water modulated by other aspects of the sign, such as the modality or ruling house.

The following article presents the basic characteristics of the Water zodiac signs, the other symbolisms of Water and the associations of this element with Fire; Earth respectively Air and also the main characteristics of the Water elements in the three representative zodiac signs.

Zodiac elements: Water

This is an element primarily defined through sensitivity, emotions, great spirituality and intuition. It reflects fluidity, rapid change, model and transformation.

Water means nourishment both for the land, all plants, all animals and humans. It is an essential element from any direction you would regard it. It suggests cleaning, release from all evil and stress. It is transparent and sensible as it shows the true face of everything and covers by uncovering in a fluent way. This is the fourth and last in line of the elements to start the zodiac and governs the fourth, eight and twelfth zodiac signs. Therefore it is associated with the sensitivity and nourishment of the familiar approach in house four, with the passion, sensuality and extremism of house eight and the duality and beginning and end of all matters of the twelfth house. Those natives born under a Water sign are likely to take great interest in the three aspects mentioned above.

Water in association with Fire: heats and then makes things boil up and can be a combination hard that requires caution when managing.

Water in association with Air: This combination depends on the characteristics of Air, if the Air is warm the water keeps its properties but if the air is heated, water may produce some steam.

Water in association with Earth: The first can model Earth in a gentle way while Earth can temper and give reason to the fluidity of Water.

Water zodiac signs

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