About us

We are a young team with many aspirations and we have two very different passions, the online and astrology. And since we told you we have many aspirations, one of them was to change the way people interact with astrology on a day to day basis. So we started thehoroscope.co with high hopes and yeah we did check to make sure we start under the best auspices and we did!

We have amongst us the awesome tech people you usually find behind a website nitpicking about every detail and we have the creative ones, the ones preferring to ignore whatever limits there might be and just go about with their ideas.

We also have our working bees, spending their time researching and reading stars so you don’t have to. We have Denise (the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Horoscope), our queen bee astrologer, with an experience of over 4 years in writing horoscopes and astrology readings and you can sure count on her as we all do!

We’re still shy, we prefer to showcase our work before we showcase ourselves. We want to be recognized as the powerful entity of thehoroscope.co because this is what we are, a team working for our common goal… to bring you all you ever needed to know about your sign… and something extra.

But we do want to make new friends and even bring along new people in our team so don’t hesitate to give us a sign. Here’s our contact.

In short according to our mission, we aim to become the leading astrology website in the online world.