Aquarius Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

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Aquarians are, in some ways, the unconventional people of the horoscope. They harbor a very mysterious and appealing attitude, and standards which may apply to most of the other zodiac signs could be incompatible with their traits.

The way they do things and more importantly, how they do them, can sometimes confuse others.

Non-conformists and free-thinkers, these natives have a much broader and flexible perspective on life.

Their element, the Air, is formless and malleable, nothing can stop its advance, and this is exactly what best defines an Aquarius - the ability to break free from the norm, to live life unrestrained.

Aquarius Decan 1: January 20th – 31st

Uranus gives birth to an individual so ambitious and so persistent that when they truly want to achieve something, even mountains may be moved and the seas split apart. With a perfect clarity and a great ability to focus on the matter at hand, nothing seems to be too hard or too complicated for an Aquarius of the first decan.

Even more incredible, and possibly what sets them apart from the rest, is their ingenuity and well-developed imagination.

Capable of coming up with fresh ideas and innovative methods, Aquarius natives almost never find themselves in a situation that they can’t win over. Also endowed with a tremendous resistance to stress and overwhelming vitality, the Aquarius is an over-achiever, and individual destined for greatness.

Although a loving and compassionate individual who is friendly in general, an Aquarius hates it when their freedom to act is inhibited.

In such cases, an Aquarius of the first decan will choose to take some distance and avoid further contact with the troublesome foe that you’ve now become.

Thus, it is never a good idea to force them into doing something that they don’t feel like doing, and this will probably backfire in the most unpleasant ways.

Highly affectionate and understanding individuals, they will never refuse a plea for help or a request from a friend in need.

Instead, they will take it upon themselves to offer support whenever someone needs it, even more so with close and intimate people.

Speaking of that, an Aquarius will generally prefer a trustworthy and like-minded partner with whom to share their joys and griefs, but would despise them at the same time if their wishes were not respected.

Aquarius Decan 2: February 1st – 9th

Mercury’s influence goes towards the Aquarius’ social skills, something that is sure to have a strong positive impact on his life, given the imaginative depth and out-of-the-box ideas.

While a good thing in general, this propensity towards sharing and communication could also bring about unpleasant situations. Not everyone appreciates their cool and snappy ideas, and some may find them weird and odd at a first glance.

Aquarius-Gemini natives are especially interested in what life can teach them, and they use every opportunity at their disposal to satisfy that craving for knowledge.

It is for this reason that most of the time; a second decan Aquarius will find themselves at home when surrounded by books, articles, newspapers and basically any form of literature.

Although always in a constant search for more chances to better themselves and to find out more about the world, these natives will probably give up at once if obstacles were to appear.

Hedonists through and through, Aquarians of the second decan will always tend to flee from stressful and dangerous situations. In their book, personal enjoyment and happiness will always win over the sense of hard-earned accomplishment.

It is then not a surprise that Aquarians are also more attracted to free-spirited and flexible individuals that don’t take things too seriously.

Strict commitments and one-way road mentalities are not desirable, and they will often try to get away from such things in order to regain their freedom.

So, it’s best if you just let them play their own game in peace, and you can be sure that they will appreciate it.

One of the most enjoyable and likeable trait of a second decan Aquarius is the child-like behavior, that never-ending enthusiasm and vitality that makes them a must at any social event.

It’s a given that others will naturally feel attracted to their spontaneity and excitable attitude, only to find out that they are even more interesting and cool once they get to know them.

Aquarius Decan 3: February 10th – 18th

The spark that Venus instills into an Aquarius of the third decan revolves around social relationships and interactions.

It’s not far from the truth to say that making friends and acquaintances is as much a pleasure as it is a hobby and a passion. They could even befriend and calm Hulk, if given enough time.

They may also attempt to offer guidance and determine you to change for the better, not because they like to be in control, but because it’s only natural.

Among all other Aquarians, the third decan native is the most romantically-inclined and sentimental, and they can be calm and understanding, but also direct and to the point when necessary.

More affect than intellect, it’s not easy for these Aquarius-Librans to feel like they’ve truly met someone trustworthy and satisfactory. But when that happens, they leave nothing to be desired and are capable of immense kindness and compassion.

And for those interested, these natives are looking for energic individuals who can keep up with their pace and be intriguing at the same time. Punctuality is another desirable trait.

Optimistic and positive thinkers, Aquarians of the third decan will always tend to have a bright attitude, no matter the circumstances they find themselves in.

Is there anything at all that can bring them down completely? Well, death would do it.

Otherwise, an Aquarian is virtually unbeatable when it comes to dealing with unsavory prospects and tough situations. Always thinking in perspective, and with an outlook so positive that it can become annoying, one thing is for sure. Having an Aquarius friend will possibly be the best thing in your life.

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