Cancer Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

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Occupying the fourth position in the Zodiac, Cancer is the most sentimentally-inclined among all others. Under the auspices of the Moon and having Water as the primordial element, Cancer natives are highly emotional individuals, as well as having a greater power of insight than most. Intense feelings and emotional states can sometimes be overwhelming for them.

Cancer Decan 1: June 21st – July 2nd

Cancer natives live their life in constant duality. Happiness and sadness, or joy and grief are always intertwined for them as a result of the constant change in their surroundings or psyche.

It can be said that they are very volatile individuals, as any action undertaken may lead to a potential emotional spike.

The influence of the Moon gives them control over others, either persuasion or manipulation. They are people that live life at the edge of possibility, the peak of ecstasy, or the abyss of agony.

Usually, positive circumstances or joyful contexts act as a form of release, or as intensifiers. Meaning that when they are attracted by something, it’s a no holds barred adventure!

In order to fully appreciate and get to know them, you have to really step up your game, enter their personal space and initiate constant interaction.

Empathic and caring, these natives always look for peace and tranquility, and whoever can deliver that, can be sure to conquer their interest and hearts. There is something that puts them off, though, and that is conflict, discord.

Although often enclosed in their own dream-like world, Cancer individuals are nevertheless able to bring their desires and wishes to fruition.

Very insightful and knowledgeable about the workings of the human mind and behavior, it comes as no surprise that they are perfectly apt to work as psychologists, or teachers for that matter. Nothing is taken for granted and success is only achieved through hard work.

Cancer Decan 2: July 3rd – 13th

Here we have a rare case of potential realization. Cancerians of the second decan live under the influence of Pluto, which gives them the conviction and the ambition necessary to succeed.

It might also turn them into an object of mystery and even confusion, as people never seem to be able to figure them out.

Although in a constant state of dispute, both Pluto and Mars seem to be attributed to the Scorpio sign, with Mars having a longer history and a greater influence.

Anyway, the Cancer-Scorpio individual is a being who fully expresses his/her feelings and thoughts, often bringing havoc and chaos in their wake.

Impetuosity and even destructiveness characterize a native of the second decan more than they would like to admit.

Success is only a hair’s breadth away for a Cancer-Scorpio. All they have to do is believe in themselves, realistically estimate their abilities, and all will go according to plan.

Speaking of plans, these folks are also notoriously known to plan 10 or even 100 moves ahead, so that nothing comes as a surprise anymore.

One other thing that we must keep in mind is that they are very self-indulgent, especially when it comes to food. It really gets them up and going.

A blast to have around and a friend when you need one, the Cancer-Scorpio type is actually quite different when friendships turn into something more intimate.

That is when their volcanic and exploding personality takes the reins and warps their attitude, making them highly temperamental, impulsive and fidgety. This probably comes as a result of their high-strung desires and yearnings.

Moving on, there is another aspect that makes a Cancer of the second decan somewhat unique and singular among all other types of Cancer-born, or even other zodiac signs. And that is their subconscious attraction and fascination with the obscure and the unknown. Their innate power of insight makes others trust and share their intimacies with them.

Cancer Decan 3: July 14th – 22nd

The third decan is basically overkill for the already imaginative and dreamy Cancers. The presence of Neptune delivers a strong dose of creative awareness, ingenuity and a certain flair for artistic visuals in general.

The potential of such individuals is therefore endless, at least in fields of work where inventiveness and imagination are the core principles. Occupations like painter, musician, sculptor or even fashion designer, for third decan Cancerians, are really a cinch for them to engage and shine in.

The unearthly imaginative powers of Cancer-Pisces work together to create a very strong impression on others, one that adds to their charm and enigmatic character.

Elusive and unreadable, the character of these individuals is prone to constant and instant modification, according to the need and desire.

It is for this very reason that fame and fortune seem to come as natural as eating to them. The power to flexibly accommodate certain circumstances or people gives the Cancer-Pisces a sure-fire recipe for success in all matters.

They make for extraordinary helpers or contributors to team projects and group tasks, often acting without any unnecessary theatrics and just doing whatever they do best in the most personal of ways.

Implication in a collective endeavor equals responsibility and initiative, as well as the power to change it all for the better. As far as love matters go, the Cancer-Pisces would rather lead a solitary and peaceful life, than engage in a complicated or superficial relationship.

It then goes without saying that what they look for in a loved one is reliability, comfort and security more than anything else.

A day spent with a Cancer-Pisces is bound to be full of surprises, amusement and delight, as they are never one and the same. Always changing their approaches and attitudes, dullness and tediousness lose their meaning when compared to their emotional dynamism.

Moreover, a native of the third decan is very affectionate and kind to friends and close ones, a trait that propels them way ahead of others in terms of social relationships and trustworthiness. Money and fortune are, again, simple words for them, and they will happily share them with others.

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