The 4th House

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The fourth of the twelve houses of the zodiac, this is the house of family and home. The planets and signs, that are located in this angular house on the birth chart, influence family and home matters and tend to have a saying in the individual’s emotions and subconscious.

The natural sign ruler is Cancer, the fourth zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, and the planetary ruler is the Moon, which is said to govern emotions and inner mood.

The importance of family

For the purpose of this house, family is the primary concern and nurturing and other activities that relate to taking care of those dear will come under this.

Family is either exemplified as matriarchal or patriarchal but in any case, the accent is put on how much care is given, especially in early life. It completes the meaning of life.


This house governs elements of the subconscious that pertain to how early events shape the rest of life and may even look at how history and tradition influence the individual.

There are exoteric elements to this place, however, for those who don’t necessary believe in reincarnation, there are still enough connections between the past and the present that influence day to day of the individual.

This house is also referred to as the Imum Coeli and challenges assumptions related to family relations, origins and the home.

Safe at home

The fourth house governs the sacred place of home and no wonder those with serious activity in this house are more inclined to spend their time at home. This is where you lay foundations and roots and where you can be your comfortable self.

This is linked to feelings of peace and mind at rest. Home is also where families grow and sometimes a meeting place with other dear people.

Because we live modern times, the idea of home may not always be linked to a specific physical place and may also suggest every space that comforts and nurtures one.

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