Capricorn Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

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Enlightened by Saturn’s graces, Capricorn natives are individuals for whom the expression “giving up” holds no meaning at all. Fighting for what they desire with reckless abandon, you will never see them resign themselves to petty concepts such as fate or bad luck.

There is either the inability or the unwillingness to do something. With a relentless attitude and both feet on the ground, they have a firm grip on their life which will surely propel them onto the promised land.

After all, this is a given, since the Capricorn zodiac sign takes its power from the Earth, an element that has long been associated with realism, pragmatism and an immovable persistence.

Capricorn Decan 1: December 22nd – January 1st

The innate characteristic of a Capricorn of the first decan resides in their unfathomable reserves of persistence and driving focus, which keeps them on top of their game, always.

As a matter of fact, their advancing potential is so great that it completely eclipses all other Capricorns, and possibly even the other signs of the zodiac.

Fortunately or not, these natives tend to become restless and impulsive if and when they slack off. Not using all their energy and determination really puts them in a tight spot, which is why this usually never occurs. Fame and fortune are only a hair’s breadth away, they just have to take a step and grab it.

Saturn’s double influence acts as a reinforcing and renewing opportunity, giving the Capricorns the attitude and demeanor of a real risk-taker.

They are the one who takes the reins into their own hands and never settles for anything less than an over achievement. Be it day-to-day chores or professional commitments, this native will never cry wolf or complain about the hardships.

Instead, through sheer power of will and an orderly and organized mindset, this native will demystify any and all myths about failure and defeat, saying something along the lines of “It’s just another day at the office”.

To resign is to admit your inferiority and inability, and a Capricorn would never do such a thing. It would oppose the very nature of their being.

When in love, a Capricorn will exert the same amount of unbeatable conviction and grit, as well as a good dose of tenderness and suaveness.

But their feelings are only truthful and forthright if those of their partner’s are the same, or if the enticement is great enough. Although not immune to other symbols of feminine beauty, the Capricorns are incredibly faithful and true to their hearts, most of the time.

Capricorn Decan 2: January 2nd – 11th

Capricorns of the second decan are mainly consumed by their insatiable love for money and anything at related to bucks, dimes and dollars. Materialism was never so acutely present and perceivable as in this case.

Albeit with comfort and personal satisfaction in mind, it still remains one of the main traits of this native, outweighing even their desire for social standing and acknowledgement.

So great is their appetite for success and fortune, that nothing else comes even remotely close to it, be it friendly relationships, kinship or even intimate connections.

Furthermore, regarding love, the Venusian Capricorn shows a rather introverted or inhibited attitude, probably because their sensitivity towards profound and abstruse feelings is not so great.

Consequently, they may choose to keep it for themselves, rather than openly express themselves. Could they live in a total lack of feelings and affection then? No, not by a long-shot. It’s just that they need someone who can truly see them for what they are and appreciate the moment together.

Owing their achievements and natural perks to both Venus and Saturn, the Capricorns of the second decan are really a binary individual, or so they can be characterized.

For one, Venus gives them the power to smile in the face of all adversities and face them with a cheering and jovial attitude.

There is literally nothing that can put this native down, not insults, not criticism, and certainly not defeat. Optimism is the strongest hand they have, but that is not the whole deck, not at all.

Saturn, in turn, fills them to the brim with confidence, ambition and a survival instinct only Bear Grills could possibly match, probably.

Just like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the Capricorn native seems to have a solution for every problem, coming up with new and innovative ideas that seem to never end.

Furthermore, since they are so far-gone in their relentless search for success, personally putting themselves in a vulnerable position, susceptible to harms and heartbreaks is not their cup of tea. Falling in love is thus a secondary or possibly even an optional goal for them.

Capricorn Decan 3: January 12th – 19th

Mercury becomes an essential contributor to the third decan Capricorn’s ascension to greatness. Filled with energy and a taste for victory, as well as cerebral acuity, this native can count on one hand the things that can possibly pose a problem for them.

Brains over brawns is the name of the game, and this couldn’t be truer for one such individual. Just like the second decan Capricorn was the hardest-working and most perseverant one of them all, this Capricorn is the one who finds it the easiest to succeed, a perk that Saturn is surely responsible for.

If they lose themselves though, being so focused and immersed as they are, it could spell disaster, in the sense that they could very well let some opportunities pass them by. And those opportunities may be even more lucrative than what they were previously engaged in.

Appreciative and joyous, Capricorn-Virgo natives are known to have a willy-nilly attitude that is often beneficial, seeing how obsessed they can be when working.

And speaking of that, a good solution would be to find someone who is able to offer them some well-deserved comfort and affection, a true soul mate, a Bonnie to accompany Clyde.

A Capricorn of the third decan will always keep their word regardless of the consequences or implications. Honor and self-respect are very important to them, acting as guiding principles.

What else could keep them at the top of the game if not by being truthful to oneself and the others? And if it all seemed like the Capricorn-Virgo is all game and no play, then find out that they are not only an enthusiastic and energetic individual, but also pretty likeable as well.

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