The 3rd House

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This is also known as the house of communications and is the third of the twelve houses of the zodiac. The planets and signs that are placed in this cadent house on the birth chart influence how the individual communicates, govern the relationship with the close community and matters of local travel.

The natural sign ruler is Gemini, the third zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, whilst Mercury, the planet of expression through words, is the planetary ruler.


This house relates to all means people use to communicate, from messages, spoken words, calls, visits and long letters. This means that it also links to thought processes, the technology one uses and their feelings surrounding these activities.

Communication can be individual in the shape of personal thoughts, with others who are close and with the rest of the world.

Because there is a subconscious quality to the act of communicating, often, an individual, will transmit more than they wish for.

Intelligence and creativity

When it comes to the influence of this house, intelligence is related to analytical ability and he way the individual uses it to interact with their surroundings. We use our thoughts to help us integrate.

There is something powerful and achieving coming from this house but there are also questions of unfulfilled potential.

The house also looks at early formal education and short distance travel. It boasts the active search for knowledge and will generally dictate how much mental energy the individual has.

Sense of community

As this is a place responsible with all sort of interactions, it governs relationships with siblings and neighbours. It shows how easy or how complicated it is for the individual to keep in contact and be an active part of their community.

This looks at how people gather for the same purpose and how togetherness may provide answers to even the most complicated questions.

You can discover the meanings of each of the twelve houses in the Houses of the Zodiac article.

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