Emotions and ambitions in action this full Moon in Capricorn July 2

By Iulia Trandafir on June 23, 2015, 5178 views

The full Moon with the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer means actually a fight of the inner ambition to succeed as social individuals with the safety within an intimate environment that we instinctively need.

On July 2, 2015, it’s not only the Sun-Moon opposition on the Cancer-Capricorn that we have to face. Mars is conjunct the Sun in Cancer and Pluton retrograde is conjunct the Moon in Capricorn at the time of the full Moon in Capricorn. So, in order to understand the energies of the moment, we must consider those important planetary aspects, as well as the long-expected Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo which is in harmonic connections with Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Gemini.

All in all, few days around July 2, what needs to be clarified are our ambitions related to our emotional calls, but the circumstances indicate more, that is good opportunities to materialize your goals into something worthy of praise, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction says.

Developments to be faced near upon the full Moon in Capricorn

- exaggerated displays of emotions. The strong desires for social recognition or obtaining a social role hide a deep emotional need for being in control as this provides the feeling of power. People find themselves socially important through various circumstances or achievements like getting a high career position, getting married, becoming a parent, exerting a certain influence over a group of friends or within a social circle, being member of a social or political organization and so on.

On the road to such social achievements, many tend to focus too much on ambitions, and, consequently, to forget about or, worse, to minimize the emotional needs of those around them or of their own.

But the full Moon is a powerful moment which favours getting repressed emotions to the light. And here is the time to deal with them. If you witness overreactions of close ones or if you yourselves react apparently out of proportions to ordinary events, then you`ll have the signs showing that you went too far with your ambitions and you neglected your inner needs, family, friends or other close ones.

- struggling to get the feeling of affiliation. One of the basic needs of any person, with no exception, is this feeling of affiliation and much of our growth in life depends on it. In the astrological context of the full Moon, some people might see now that their focus on career and on other social fulfilments is fuelled by the above mentioned basic need.

And, ironically, it’s this focus that has eventually produced a distance from close ones, who truly can offer the feeling of being part of a family, of a group of friends, and even of community or country. The time might be disturbing, but the idea for you is to reflect upon these matters.

- defensively fighting those around you. When emotions happen to be repressed for quite a long time, they usually come to the fore in a powerful and erratic way. And that appears to be difficult to handle, especially when a very sensitive sign like Cancer is involved in the planetary aspects. Having the warrior Mars there, the fight is inside yourself and is, mainly a defensive one.

At a concrete level, behaviours might appear either as tenaciously defending family, friends and other familiar groups or organizations or as defending your sensibility by shrinking into yourselves. 

Most affected natives by the full Moon in Capricorn

Of course, the most influenced natives by the energies of the full Moon in Capricorn are those born on July 2 (plus/minus two days) and those born on January 1 (plus/minus two days) any year.

In the next twelve months, they will have to reassess their most important goals in life, in order to find balance between their career and social image, on one hand, and family life (or other groups providing them safety) on the other hand. 

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