Friday Meaning: The Day Of Venus

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Fridays are governed by the planet Venus thus are a day when romance and beauty should be in the spotlight.

This is the day of the week in which you need to appreciate those around you and pursue creative endeavours. Basically, you are tasked with bringing beauty in your life.

Some may be happy and enthusiastic on Fridays but overlook it at the thought of the weekend coming up but this is a day of its own, one that suggests sensuality, indulging and comfort.

The association between Venus and the goddess Aphrodite, the two symbols of the day can only strengthen the sensual, romantic and joyful nature of Fridays.

If you were born on a Friday …

A natural peace maker, you are trying to bring harmony in the lives of those around. You boast self-confidence at the best of times and are generous and honest. You make a great listener and will often beautify any situation, thus motivating those who seek your support.

You are seductive and take great pleasure from impressing others, as well as from flirting with them. At the other end however, you may be vulgar at times and superficial.

Laziness and not wanting to do anything are attitudes you need to stay away from. Idealistic and a dreamer, you are attracted to social enterprise and humanitarian actions but can also become disconnected from the reality around you.

Love and family are more important to you than money in the bank but when young, you will try to have it all and may make some compromises to indulge your lifestyle.

Friday is considered to be the lucky day of Taurus people.

What to do on Fridays

This is the day of partnerships and romance so be close to those you love. Be brave and tell them how you feel, be affectionate and empathic.

Take care of your beautiful possessions, like jewellery, bags, clothes and decorations. Wear white and pastels and avoid being loud and vain.

Travel extensively but not very far. Travel with the purpose of discovering new places and pampering oneself is going to be benefited. Go to concerts and other artistic events to channel your creative side.

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