Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 2nd 2015 with lessons about freedom, friendship and honesty

By Iulia Trandafir on May 25, 2015, 6005 views

Given the intricate astrological context when the Sun-Moon opposition is accompanied by Mercury and Saturn, both of them retrograde on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, and by two squares implying Neptune in Pisces, it is quite clear the full Moon on June 2 brings us several lessons to learn. Most probably, it is about some previously failed exams or challenges, the two retrograde planets say, in the following chapters of our life: communication, knowledge, friendships, relationships with brothers, sisters, and cousins, spirit of justice, but also of freedom.

Chances are for most of us to feel a strong eagerness to prove that we are well-informed, that we are right, that we are free, honest, and smart. Be careful though as the astral context is very demanding in assessing us and it screens out the imposture/false pretences, the light-mindedness, the insubstantiality, the unfairness. And it does even more than that: it publicly displays these.

Events probable to happen near upon June 2, 2015, when the full Moon occurs in Sagittarius

- Fast, but chaotic spreading of news and information so that it is to be extremely difficult to tell the truth from the lie
- Physical and mental anxiety by reason of so many changes in a really short time
- “Openly” telling people the truth – an approach that might offend or hurt. In the circumstances, this stirs a brutal opposition
- The manipulation of some more or less proved information in order to build opinions in some groups of people for serving an onerous purpose
- Getting back into old relationships by clearing some misunderstandings, learning some truth facts, forgiving mistakes and tolerating 

Several warnings on the probable developments around this full Moon in Sagittarius

- Turning the argumentation into a fight because of intolerance, disrespect of different points of view, principals and mentalities
- Committing some indiscretions as we tend to talk too much
- Getting anxious by reason of the occurring instability and changes (in extreme cases, even panic might appear)
- Being sincere only from vanity meaning that we just want to make the prove for our capacity to comprehend certain circumstances, not that we intend to guide people around us towards growth or that we try to develop a fair relationship with them

Recommendations – how it is advisable to act around this June full Moon

- Prevent yourselves from judging others, especially based on unverified and unsolid information
- Be tolerant with eventual mistakes, omissions in communication, delays or last minute changes in scheduled activities
- Avoid the trips on the spur of the moment, especially to a long distance and to little known places
- Pay attention to handling papers, but also to their content (mainly to their legal aspects)

The most influenced natives and fields by the current energy

The natives of the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are to be the most strongly influenced by the full Moon phase when the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini. They will feel an incertitude bringing along anxiety and some other unsteady conditions for them.

For the Gemini natives born around June 2 and for the Sagittarians born around December 4 (any year) twelve months of lots of changes will come. The will have to learn from the feedback they receive from the others, considering it as a rough guide assessment not an absolute benchmark that they must obey their behaviours to.

The fields to be the most affected by the full Moon are the following: written and verbal communication, transportations, legal rules, papers, education, exams, assessments, and relationships with friends, relatives, colleagues.

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