Jupiter in Virgo a healthy harvest or not quite between August 11 2015 and September 9 2016

By Iulia Trandafir on July 07, 2015, 8190 views

Jupiter is one of the outer planets whose transit provides an astrologer with relevant clues about the next almost twelve months both for a personal chart and for macro level events. Now, we get ready to face an altered energy of it, as Jupiter, also named the Great Fortune is to enter Virgo on August 11, 2015.

While transiting Virgo, between August 11, 2015 and September 9, 2016, Jupiter will also go retrograde in this sign starting January 8 until May 10, 2016, between the 23 and 13 degrees of Virgo. This is of quite high importance for those who have a planet or other element in their natal chart at those degrees. They must expect events to turn up near upon in January 8 and May 10 and their nature is suggested by the planet in the natal chart that will be transited by Jupiter.

But generally speaking, Jupiter in Virgo is an expansive energy entering in a cadre based on rules, procedures, duties and conventionalism. Therefore, Jupiter hardly will bring spectacular achievements while transiting Virgo, but he can bring solid results under certain circumstances

How to get the Great Fortune out of Jupiter’s transit through Virgo?

Whenever the sign of Virgo is implied, work and health gain a higher importance. They must be approached with care for order, procedures, for supporting colleagues and others in need, for strict schedule and so on. All these are meant to create a framework for certainty in order to fight off the permanent wariness and anxiety favoured by the sign. So, anyone who chooses to apply such an approach has good chances to gather a nice harvest at the end of the analysed planetary transit.

Many could benefit from a health recovery or at least an improvement to an old illness when Jupiter in Virgo. But do not just wait to feel better. Keep in mind few rules for a regular schedule for rest, a healthy diet and prevent yourselves from worrying ahead of time as the result might be opposed: you can either get the illness you are afraid of or stay in a state of unease for no concrete reason.

The analytical spirit is expected to be expanded during the planetary transit and this is going to help many with their everyday tasks and in the end, in obtaining good outcomes. Problems might appear in situations where more is too much and so, the tendency to analyse everything leads to a judgemental attitude. Perhaps we’ll see such behaviours very often while Jupiter in Virgo, especially in public debates or in other public circumstances, when people will put forward some moral issues. Of course, the final result will be the transformation of some moral rules.

Both positive and tense aspects for Jupiter to face along his Virgo transit

Several transits due to occur at the same time are to alternatively support and challenge Jupiter in Virgo between August 2015 and September 2016.

The Jupiter – North Node conjunction in Virgo (in January and June 2016) is an astrological aspect with very long term consequences. It suggests a cleaning that needs to be done as a start of a new way for a better quality of everyday life. This might have to do with work conditions, assumed duties, care for health, respecting moral rules.

In January, Jupiter is going retrograde and therefore, the above mentioned conjunction will probably show everyone what else is to be done in this regard. But in June, those natives having all the tasks fulfilled, as Virgo demands, will have nice chances to bring in the harvest in the field suggested by the sign of Virgo in their natal chart.

The most challenging astrological aspects are to be formed though between Jupiter transiting Virgo and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius (squares) on the one hand and Neptune, Chiron and the South Node in Pisces (oppositions) on the other hand. Those tense aspects to occur on mutable signs are to bring challenges for people from various social groups and from all around the world.

There will be conflicts between moral and legal rules, between promises and the unveiled facts, between duties and escaping responsibilities. All these tense aspects that will bring along very demanding events can be overpassed only through a high capacity to adapt to changes on the labour market, to losing some rights, to new duties within society. For many people such changes will prove so difficult to adapt to that they will choose the easiest way, that of victimization, of feeling lonely and helpless and in the end, of abandoning oneself to viciousness and escapism. 

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