Mercury retrograde in Gemini to bring lots of words and movement, but little meaning and results

By Iulia Trandafir on May 15, 2015, 4921 views

Between May 19 and June 11, 2015, Mercury goes in an apparent retrograde motion through Gemini, the sign he rules. It will be a time of facing different perspective on communication, reasoning, circulation/movement, education, knowledge, commerce, relationships with our nearest fellows.

Some of these, being different than the usual perspectives, will consist in exaggerations, while others will mean changes, complications and troubles to affect the above-mentioned fields.

As I try to approach any planetary transit in a complex and, hopefully, a useful manner, I must underline here that issues, as well as opportunities are expected to come along with this retrograde motion of Mercury through Gemini in the coming weeks.

Actions recommended to be avoided while Mercury retrograde in Gemini:

- Getting overwhelmed by changes and information that could lead to anxiety and panic. Don’t trust everything you hear!

- Assuming too many tasks and actions as you risk to compromise all of them. Be movable and flexible, but don’t be all abroad!

- Talking too much as you might commit indiscretions or you might be considered newsmonger or whisperer.

- Purchasing big appliances and goods of great value as there is a high risk to wrongly estimate their value or their actual utility.

- Being dependent upon a certain person or schedule as this planetary transit brings along delays and last minute changes.

- Taking for granted the word of those around you because chances are for some circulation or communication problem to interfere and to prevent them to keep their word, even if they usually prove to be very reliable people. Better be ready for change and adaptation.

- Last minute traveling because the risks for you to face delays and something else than you expect is quite high. Anyway, if you must be on the road, be flexible and ready for the unexpected.

- Offering false excuses in an attempt to elude the responsibility for some delays or changes of mind. Mercury’s transit through Gemini will show your naked lies when you least expect it.

- Attempting to prove too much knowledge. Doing so, you might deliver a chaotic message and the result is nobody gets the real meaning of what you intend to communicate.

Actions favoured by Mercury retrograde in Gemini

- Rethinking old projects by adapting them to some new circumstances. They have nice chances to turn into a success.

- Getting in touch with old friends, colleagues, siblings or other relatives you haven’t met for a long time.

- Continuing studies (and getting a diploma) that you’ve previously quitted or postponed.

- Finding lost papers or other important things that you couldn’t find.

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