Monday Meaning: The Day Of The Moon

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Some cultures consider Mondays to be the first day of the week whilst others consider it the second, after Sundays. Each day of the week is influenced by a different planet and the ruler of this one is the Moon.

The patron goddess of Mondays is Artemis (Greek) or Diana (Roman), the goddess of the hunt.

Monday means respect, power and health along with maternal instinct and sleep. In ancient times it was believed that there were three unlucky Mondays throughout the year, days in which nothing good would take place: the first Monday in April, the second Monday in August and the last Monday in December.

If you were born on a Monday …

Then you must be empathic and understanding with those around you and very often more sensitive than others.

You are gentle but can also be harsh and don’t resist frustration too long thus your emotions surface really quickly. Emotions and intuition are central to everything one decides to do.

There is a fine connection between Monday children and waters. You may suffer from insomnia at some point in life and your digestive system is rather sensible.

Naturally attracted to everything beautiful, you are glamorous and creative and seek wealth in life. You are more oriented to family life than others and more drawn to feminine principles.

You are kind, generous and respectful but also strong willed, moody and inconstant. You follow ancestral life principles and seem to be very ties to your family. You may get nervous easily and are impressionable. Often, will take the role of the peacemaker in the family.

Monday is considered to be lucky for Cancer people.

Mondays are great for …

As a day dedicated to the Moon, Monday is all about mysteries and secrets, setting goals and coming to grips with own emotions.

A good time to invoke wisdom and to be elegant and charming by wearing silver, moonstone or pearls, the jewellery materials linked to the powerful influence of the Moon. Not to mention that moonstone is said to protect travellers and travel is one endeavour governed by the Moon.

To channel the energy of Monday wear white, silver and different shades of blue. This is a great day to tend to matters of the house, to remember the past and raise awareness about the future. This is also a highly receptive day for daydreaming, meditation and romance.

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