New Moon in Gemini on June 16, 2015 bringing a fresh approach

By Iulia Trandafir on May 28, 2015, 5700 views

The time around new Moon always represents an opportunity either to start something new or to refresh an area of our life. Occurring on the sign of Gemini, in the close company of Mars, the new Moon on June 16 suggests an urge for us to undertake new roads. And, in order to succeed at the end of the day, we need to bring with us all the necessary resources in the luggage along the way.

The Sun, the Moon and Mars forming a triple conjunction, and Mercury going direct again in Gemini, all of them provide us with several indications about what the “luggage” must consist in so that to be helpful.

Useful resources for everyone around the New Moon in Gemini

- Good relationships with our nearest fellows (colleagues, neighbours), with brother/sisters and other relatives
- Our sociability skills
- Open-mindedness for learning new things
- Adaptability to a changing environment
- The mental mobility to look at an issue from several points of view and to approach things in different manners
- The physical mobility to be on the go and to reach wherever is useful for your at a time

The other planetary transits to occur near upon the new Moon phase in Gemini are very relevant for comprehending the possible developments then. Therefore, the Uranus-Jupiter trine on the Aries-Leo is complemented by nice aspects of these two planets to the new Moon and Mars in Gemini. It is quite obvious that they support each other. At a concrete level, all these beneficial aspects favour several types of activities.

Activities to be started or given a fresh approach around June 16

Advertising One can try new ways (channels and manners) to communicate and to promote a business, a project or himself/herself. New technologies as well as innovative and creative messages have great chances to be widely spread. 

Education It is time for an open-mind approach to learning, either we refer to a specialisation for getting a certificate or we refer to gathering information for a certain field of study. Studying independently and/or using new methods and technologies represents an appropriate option in such an astral circumstances.

Collaboration The aspects to be active near the new Moon in Gemini predispose to undertaking two or more projects or jobs at a time. The mobility and the schedule flexibility normally assured/provided by the sign of Gemini can be of great help in this respect. There is a great energy for moving so that everyone can use it for covering two or more activities and events.

Advice on how to avoid wasting energy

Nevertheless, as we face four elements in Gemini at the time of the new Moon, we need to watch out some possible lack of moderation in communication and mobility. For instance, some of people may be tempted to undertake more activities that they are able to cover in a proper manner. In this case, they are to just waste energy. Others may intend to present or to learn too much information on a subject and so there is a risk not to reach a point.

Most influenced natives by the new Moon in Gemini

The most affected natives will be those born around June 16, any year. They will certainly have 12 months ahead for starting a new way in relating with those around by acting more communicative, more assertive and more determined to keep learning on various matters.

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