Saturday Meaning: The Day Of Saturn

By Denise on January 07, 2018, 31669 views

This is the responsible day of the week, the one in which the individual needs to evaluate their actions from the other days. This is a day of consciousness and acknowledgment. Saturdays are associated with the planet Saturn.

This planet symbolises resilience, conformity, precision and persistence but also limitations and boundaries so no wonder Saturdays are associated with efficiency, dedication and patience but also with simplicity and restriction.

If you were born on a Saturday …

Then surely you are responsible and hard working. Studious and wise, you are practical and professional at all times but can also be authoritarian.

You function best when you have a task to resolve and can be rather suspicious and turn reluctant when things come easy to you or without any effort from your side.

More than others, you recognize the value of hard work and dedication and although you may be timid at times, others recognize your practical skills and you will be in the spotlight.

You are also prone to complaining and jealousy and will take very badly being ignored or mocked for your choices.

Saturday is considered to be the lucky day of Capricorn people.

On Saturdays you should …

… ask yourself how you are and what have you been doing. This is a great day to strengthen lessons learned throughout the week.

Housework is benefited as well as meeting any deadlines. Without structure, the day can’t go right so make sure you plan in advance and then adhere to your plans.

Loading up on information and educational matters will also be smooth on Saturdays. Basically, this day is for you to catch up with everything that may have been missed throughout the week or that is left outstanding.

You might want to wear darker shades today, like navypurple or black and tidy up your surroundings early on in the day.

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