Sunday Meaning: The Day Of The Sun

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In some cultures, this is traditionally regarded as the first rather than the last day of the week. Sunday is usually dedicated to resting and worship and is ruled by the Sun. This should be a bright day in spirit for all.

The meaning of the Sun revolved around the soul, the ego of the individual, popularity, warmth and generosity. Just as the sun radiates, the individual should surround themselves by family and friends on this day and express themselves.

If you were born on a Sunday …

… then you are said to be lucky, traditionalist and very ambitious. Your imagination knows no boundaries but your idealism may also lead to criticism.

You are an optimistic social being who lives through others, proud and generous, always seeking adventure and to impress those around. Loving the spotlight, you can be loud and dramatic at times.

There is a sense of pride and elegance that surrounds you and matters of honour and principle tend to become very important as one advances in life.

It is also believed that those born on Sundays are more likely to possess psychic abilities as they are more drawn to the esoteric side of life than others.

Being in the right place is very important for you as it seems that you are very impacted by the environment around and may be easily influenced by changes in it.

Sunday is considered to be the lucky day of Leo people.

On Sundays you should …

… take your time to rest, meditate and get in touch with your spirit. You should take long walks outdoors and surround yourself by your closest and dearest family members.

Working the land will relax you, so this is a great day for small scale gardening. Avoid being boastful about your achievements but nonetheless, promote yourself when needed in a diplomatic manner.

Sundays are great for channelling success and wealth and other personal achievements so activities like planning and starting new endeavours are benefited.

Don’t forget to wear clothes in colours that resemble the Sun, such as bright yelloworange or light red shades, to channel the Sun’s energy.

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