The Sun Meanings And Influences In Astrology

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In astrology, the Sun symbolizes leadership, strength and will-power. The Sun is the brightest point in the natal chart and governs the light that is being shown on daily life aspects, crucial moments in life and much more.

It suggests creativity and also talks of the inner child, what is close to the heart of the individual and what they take satisfaction and joy from. This is the ruler of Leo, the fifth zodiac sign.

About the Sun in astrology

The centre of our Solar System, this celestial body benefits from a plenitude of planets, satellites and asteroids. This star provides life on Earth and its symbolism is strongly related to its central position and vital influence.

The energy of the Sun, from time immemorial shines a light beyond what is material and touches the Soul. Talking about the Soul, it seems that this star also governs deep thoughts and important life decisions.

It is also a depiction of the individual’s wellbeing and strength as we all tend to better ourselves in life.

The Sun is the archetype of the hero, the leader possessing great courage, intelligence, intuition and empathy.

In Roman mythology, it is associated with Apollo and in Greek mythology with Helios, the god of light.

The Sun is usually depicted as male influence, fatherly figure, core of everything. It is the sign of royalty and high positions.

In the natal chart, the way the Sun is position at birth determines the sun or zodiac sign but also energizes the closest areas of the chart. The Sun stays in each zodiac sign for about a month.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, weakened in Libra, with lack of energy and a low in creativity, and in detriment in Aquarius.

Some of its common associations include:

Ruler: Leo

Zodiac house: The fifth house

Colour: Orange

Day of the week: Sunday

Gemstone: Peridot

Friendly planets: Mars and Jupiter

Metal: Gold

Keyword: Leadership

Positive influence

The Sun is said to protect against harm in life, especially when one has clean and honest intentions. It makes the native less susceptible to the effect of negative energies.

It reflects an authoritative figure, one that is always reassuring and in control, however, aspects of a strong ego also surface.

The Sun is about confidence and generosity, about initiative and the power to guide others both in good and hard times. Just as the other planets revolve around it, the individual craves to be recognized as leader, listened to and respects, under its influence.

Whilst the Moon is about emotions and intuition, the Sun is about reason and ultimate goal. It provokes the individual to be purposeful, direct and resourceful.

The favourable placement of the Sun brings power and celebrity in all areas of life but may also bring arrogance and restlessness at so much choice.

Negative influence

The warmth of the sun protects but can also burn and some of the impulses it can trigger may also destroy. The ambitious and strength it reflects may also lead to recklessness and unnecessary chase of recognition.

The downside of the immense power and energy of the Sun comes to play when the purpose towards which this is invested is not genuine and positive. Power can lead to destruction and despair and energy can be wasted in vain, never to be regained, just like youth can never be brought back.

The Sun is a reflection of youth, as period in the individual’s life and this is the moment when most mistakes and misguidance are likely to occur.

Under the influence of the Sun, one may forget where they came from and may become judgmental and self-centred.

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