Thursday Meaning: The Day Of Jupiter

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This weekday is governed by the planet Jupiter and refers to philosophic endeavours, having an optimistic outlook in life.

This day is all about balancing life activities and although it may suggest expansion, it also refers to limiting activity to find the essence. Great results can be revealed on a Thursday.

The planet Jupiter inclines towards exploration and freedom from constraint and this means that you are more prone to risk taking behaviours on a Thursday.

If you were born on a Thursday …

…then surely you carry the best intentions for those around and always try to involve people in your activities. You see far beyond the horizon and don’t like being misled.

You appreciate honesty and make a great listener and a loyal friend. You are expansive and jovial but also very serious and responsible when the situation demands it.

Unfortunately, you are also very stubborn and at times conceited and even fanatical about the things you care very much for.

You also enjoy challenging the beliefs of others and take pride when you explain your own to a greater audience.

In a traditional poem, those born on Thursdays are said to have “far to go”, an indication of the importance of travel in a practical manner but also that of achieving goals on a spiritual level.

Thursday is considered to be the lucky day of Sagittarius and Pisces people.

Thursdays are great for …

… activities that require a great deal of attention to detail and activities that benefit those around. Wear something yellow on the day to channel its joy and energy. A turquoise stone may help you keep bad energies at bay.

Consider expanding your horizons by learning a foreign language or researching an exotic culture. This is not a bad day to go shopping as your taste is enhanced and you can see beyond the materialistic aspects of life and not get carried away.

Religious activity is benefited on this day, as well as meditation and philosophical practice. A great day to meet with a mentor or someone you respect very much.

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