Tuesday Meaning: The Day Of Mars

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This weekday is associated with both the god of war and planet Mars so it is easy to say that this is a day fit for a warrior. It is associated with a spirit of competition and aggressiveness.

This is a day in which to follow instincts and build strategies. You can show enthusiasm but may want to tone this down and replace it with productivity and determination.

The planet Mars impacts on an individual’s goals and motivations, impulses and sexual nature so this is the day of the week in which deepest desires surface.

If you were born on a Tuesday …

You are strong willed and possess a brave nature. You follow your instincts and often act spontaneously and without much thought about the consequences.

Valuing your opinions, you will try to impose them on those around but you also seek inspiration from them. You are rebellious in early years but then seem to concentrate your energy on specific goals.

You are a born leader and will take decision and act fearlessly, both in professional and private life. Acting up your dreams, you often expect more than what is possible and fight tirelessly to obtain it.

Very keen on healthy living, especially later in life, you will enjoy physical activity, although you will mostly prefer to practice it on your own.

Tuesday is considered to be the lucky day of AriesScorpio and Aquarius people.

What to do on Tuesdays

This is the best weekday to tend to your passions and hobbies but also to get organized.

Allow yourself to be bold and wear fiery shades such as orangered or scarlet but also black. Bloodstone and garnet jewellery are said to channel positive energy during these days.

Take some time to cook a hearty meal with plenty of vegetables and warm up with spice scented candles.

You may have more courage than usual so embrace challenges and fight for your beliefs, even in the face of adversity.

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