Types of Astrology

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Did you know that there are different types of astrology? You probably already know which is your zodiac sign, something between Aries and Pisces, but do you know that this zodiac belongs to the western astrology? The second most known astrology type is the Chinese zodiac with its animals.

Astrology is a group of systems and beliefs that changed in time and varies widely amongst civilizations. The common element in most astrology systems is represented by the celestial positions that are often taken into account and interpreted. The origins to the astrological beliefs are set in Babylonia around the second millennium BC.

Let’s discover the other types of astrology and then follow the articles that describe the signs for each zodiac.

Western Astrology is the form of divination we that uses the twelve zodiac signs that correspond to the position of the sun in zodiac at different times of the year. It is used to make birth charts and various types of horoscopes.

Sidereal Astrology is a term used to define the astrology of the year. This system is also based on the twelve zodiac signs but uses the position of the vernal equinox.

Natal Astrology relates to the use of natal charts that are astrological maps of the stars at the moment of one’s birth and that are said to suggest the traits and path in life.

Electional Astrology is a branch of astrology that uses the positions of stars at certain times to determine the auspicious periods for certain events to take place. It is also used to answer questions and make predictions over the future.

Horary Astrology represents a method of divination in which the astrologer uses the astral disposition to give suggestions to the answer of a question that was asked at the time of the reading.

Judicial Astrology is another branch that uses the planetary dispositions to forecast future events.

Medical Astrology is based on an ancient medical system that associates parts of the body, diseases and certain weaknesses with the twelve astrological signs.

Chinese Astrology is based on the knowledge from the Han Dynasty and is in strong relation to the three harmonies: heaven, earth and water. It features 10 Celestial stems and 12 earthly brances plus a lunisolar calendar.

Indian Astrology represents the Hindu system of astronomy and astrology and is also known as the Vedic Astrology. It consists of three main branches: Siddhanta, Sahita and Hora.

Arab and Persian Astrology is a mixture of muslim beliefs and scientific observations and dates back from the medieval Arabs.

Celtic Astrology is based on the idea that each personality can be define through the properties of a tree. It is also known as the astrology of the druids.

Egyptian astrology is based mainly on the position of the Sun and less on that of planets because early Egyptians were also more interested in fixed stars. There are twelve zodiac signs that each cover two very different periods of time.

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