Venus in Leo direct and retrograde to stir the eagerness for love, money and popularity

By Iulia Trandafir on June 04, 2015, 5912 views

One of the important astrological events of June 2015 is represented by the start of Venus transiting through Leo that will happen between June 5 and up to October 8, 2015 (except for a brief period of almost two weeks,between July 18 and 31) as follows:

June 5 – July 18: Venus going direct

July 31 – September 6: Venus going retrograde

September 6 – October 8: Venus going direct

Being a fire sign, Leo will influence the fields ruled by Venus accordingly. Hence, our relationships, our money and the aesthetic sense (we may say taste) will deal with a strong eagerness to love and to be loved, to show noble-mindedness and to receive admiration and to enjoy popularity within our social circle or in front of an audience.

During Venus’ direct motion through Leo, such desires generate some outstanding behaviour regarding our love affairs, the relationships with children, our social connections and the usage of personal talents, investments and expenses. They also generate some out of the common choices regarding either our looks or home decorating.

Taking advantage of Venus direct in Leo

- expanding relationships by acting in a more open, more passionate and more generous way;
- creating a joyful, ludic and bright environment for our relationships;
- gaining money by using creativity and investing in our or others’ talents;
- underling our qualities by valorising them through unique and exquisite style of our look.

This planetary transit predisposes to exaggeration in all these that will lead to embracing a way too glamorous appearance and an ostensive behaviour, to indulge ourselves in lavishness, to demand love or, on the contrary, the declare love in a dramatic (or pathetic) way, to spend a lot of money for creating an image to be admired and appraised at any costs.

These are some aspects to pay attention to during the direct motion of Venus, as the retrogression phase is to confront us with the consequences of such exaggerations. 

What to expect during Venus retrograde through Leo

Venus retrograde through Leo is expected to bring along people and circumstances meant to show us some relationship and money-related patterns that undermine our capacity to create and love and, ultimately, our happiness. During this planetary transit, it is advisable to pay attention to repetitive experiences regarding money and relationships. 

Here are some scenarios possible to occur and their purposes:

- Ardent manifestation of love through declarations or expensive gifts can prove to be attempts to gain the admiration, but also the power over a lover. Both sides of such an unhealthy relationship must become aware of his/her role and, ultimately, of the lack of self-appreciation that led to behaviours like these.

- A demonstrative display of a personal talent can appear as a desperate bid to get the recognition of public. Many can lead themselves after the belief that there is no such thing as bad publicity and, therefore, they can become more preoccupied with getting noticed quickly than with valorising their talent slowly. At bottom, this is proof of being unsure of the inner value, a gift that prevents us from fully enjoy it. Moreover, the public might be chosen wrong and there might be no need for anybody to insist in gaining its approval.

Venus retrograde through Leo will show that sometimes what is too much can do more harm. The eventual exaggerations in aesthetic sense – regarding colour, glitter, embellishments, ornaments are to be shown in their true meaning. Therefore they will reveal that they are there to compensate for lack of self-confidence and, at the same time, to impress people. Of course, the ultimate purpose is to gain acceptance and popularity in a social circle, in career or generally speaking, in front of a public, however, maybe this should be sought in a different way for now.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection – Buddha

In the end, all that this planet wants us to comprehend is that happiness depends on the way we value ourselves and not on what we receive from others. Only by loving ourselves firstly and truly, we can bring love within a relationship. 

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