Wednesday Meaning: The Day Of Mercury

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Wednesdays are a day of discovery, business and practical matters. This weekday is associated with the planet Mercury and inspires wisdom, persuasion and humour.

The planet Mercury suggests introspection, decisiveness, the power to change and adapt and dissemination of information.

This is an entertaining and changing day, one in which transformation takes place and in which you are often taught that communication is key.

If you were born on a Wednesday …

You are curious, adaptable and a natural leader. You love to communicate and will weigh your words before launching yourself in any debate.

You have an optimistic nature and are often satisfied with your life. On the other hand, you also have moments in which you are very controlling and prone to some degree of worrying.

Your mind is agile and often you will seize opportunities and make the best of them long before anyone else realizes them.

You are moody, quick to change objectives and easily bored but this also means that you are flexible and versatile. Transformation and progress are essential for you and the future is more important than the past, no matter how many great memories you have.

Highly perceptive, you are not one to take risks, unless the reward far greatly exceeds the possible negative consequences.

Wednesday is considered to be the lucky day of GeminiVirgo and Libra people.

Wednesdays are great for …

… everything that has to do with communications, implementing change and being bold. This is a day of contradictions and discussions but with a little judgement, the best alternative will prevail.

Use your mind and your memory because on this day you can be nostalgic and seek inspiration from the past.

Surround yourself with friends and an extended social group because this is from where you will draw your energy.

Write letters, e-mails and messages and try to be as concise as possible. Go to the gym or exercise outdoors to help your mind rest.

Don’t forget to wear purple and orange shades to increase your creativity and luck. Agate is the precious stone suitable to be worn on this day.

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