What is astrology?

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How many of you associate astrology with the horoscope section in the newspaper, on TV or online? Well, this ancient science has much more to uncover.

Astrology represents revealing the characteristics of a certain person by analyzing the movement and certain positions of planets at different times. Astrology interprets how a particular star placement can influence life on Earth and seems to create an undeniable connection between Earth and the skies.

Astrology deals with patterns and characteristics in order to compile meanings and complex description of almost anything we could be interested in life. Let’s discover together an ABC of astrology described to you in a concise way.

While many of us have heard about horoscopes, from the Greek “horoscopes – hour watcher” few know what complexity really stands beneath them: Astrology. In astrology, each planet and the sun have a corresponding zodiac sign that is determined by their location relative to Earth at the moment of the birth.

These celestial bodies have their unique characteristics and rule over different areas of the zodiac, as well as the houses. All of these elements combine in order to describe as accurately as possible an individual. For instance, the Moon is full responsible for our emotion and it’s location in our birth chart influences the way we interact with others, emotionally speaking.

Astrology names the twelve zodiac signs as astrological signs. The order of the astrological signs is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Zodiac seems to originate from the Babylonian astrology. It seems that they have been the first to notice the zodiacal constellations forming a ring around the Earth. This imaginary band represents what we call today the zodiac.

The Sun travels around the Earth and around this circle therefore it resides in each zodiac sign for about 30 days each year. This means that on each day, for each birth date the sun resides in a certain sign that will further be recognized as the star sign of that person. The dates for the sun in each zodiac sign are fixed and don’t vary in Western astrology. Egyptians were those to bring the concept of the birth chart in astrology and to put an emphasis on the ascendant sign.

Astrology could be considered quite a fixed science since it takes account of astronomical info and the specific timing of events. Astrology readings describe the planetary aspects at a certain point and can offer an insight on the does and don’t for that moment. The birth chart aspects in astrology are being described separately in an article about birth charts.

Which are the main concepts in astrology? Amongst the things that need to be understood in order to reveal how astrology works, the planets, houses and the signs carry the most importance. The relations between these elements are called aspects and celestial events and can offer extra information on how these things influence each other and further on, ourselves.

The sun sign astrology refers to the people in a certain zodiac sign as natives, the subjects of birth at a certain point. The natives are considered to take all their characteristics, tendencies and paths to follow in life from the planets and aspects that govern primarily their birth chart and then any of their days.

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