The 5th House

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This house is also known as the house of self-expression and pleasure and is the fifth of the twelve houses of the zodiac. The planets and signs that reside in this succedent house on the birth chart influence creativity, youth moments, romance and everything that has to with enjoyment.

The natural sign ruler is Leo, the sixth zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, and the planetary ruler is the Sun, which governs challenges and creative ability.

Permanent enjoyment

As this is the house of pleasures, it relates to any sort of activity, situation, feeling or emotions from which a native feels pleasure. It is closely linked to creativity and culture but also with romance.

It raises questions of what makes a person tick, what gives them pleasure and satisfaction and what they continue to crave in life.

Romance and affairs are also influenced by the activity that takes place here, just as much as procreation and guidance of children.

This is the place for hobbies, games, gambling and the attempts one has in life where they challenge their luck.

Children and youth

This is the house which is most directly connected with children and every time a native does something childish or playful, this house is probably at the source of it.

This governs tendencies from early childhood but also the need to entertain the little ones. It is a place of purpose, such as growing creative children but also a place of other types of pro-creation, such as that from art, whether is music, image, theatre or literature.

Moments of recreation when the mind can dream and run freely may also be impacted by movement in this house.

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