The 7th House

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This is the house of partnership and is the seventh of the twelve houses of the zodiac. The planets and signs that reside in this angular house on the birth chart influence how the individual engages with business partners or spouses and how they build rapport with people around when they are in for a long-term collaboration.

The natural sign ruler is Libra, the seventh zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, and the planetary ruler is Venus, the planet of refinement and beauty.


Opposite to the first house, this is the place of associations of all sorts and is not how the individual perceives themselves but how they perceive other people. This governs behaviour towards other people and how well people work together when they have a common purpose.

This manner of relating may also give clues regarding other behaviours in life. This house is sometimes called the house of marriage but this means that it also has to do with the other facet of marriage, which is divorce.

Similarly, the reverse of two being in cooperation is two open enemies. Some also link this to the relationship one has to their own soul.

The quality of the relationships built across life will influence how the personal void is filled and how much lives can be enhanced and made better for everyone.

Practical matters

Companionships highlighted earlier are usually laid on the foundation of contracts of some sorts, thus this house also influences these elements. It refers to legal matters and to matters of honour and justice.

Tensions that appear on the way are reactions to adversity on one or the other side and are regarded as inherent in this place.

Also, this house governs what happens throughout and the outcome of negotiations of all sorts, whether for love or for money.

The Houses of the Zodiac article containsbite sized meanings of each of the twelve houses.

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