Pisces Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

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What makes a Pisces native special is the almost godlike insight and instinctual senses that make him appear as though he knows the future. Spooky, right?

Well, the fact is that they are highly intuitive and perceptive people, able to quickly figure out the why’s and the how’s of a given situation.

Put that together with the natural sensitivity that the Water element showers him with, and the result is someone who can accurately visualize, interpret and solve any problem.

Pisces Decan 1: February 19th – 29th

Due to Neptune’s influence, the Pisces native is a more patient and calculated individual, taking the full picture into consideration before acting.

Instead of impulsivity and a head-forward attitude, they prefer dealing with problems in a calm and polite manner.

A very important deal is about to take place and you must succeed at any costs? Do what they do. Be natural, persuasive and act as befits a professional and this will most definitely work things out.

Generally, this approach works 99% of the time for them. But in those cases where respect and politeness are taken for stupidity, they will also drop all pretenses and back off.

This is where that godly insight and almost supernatural senses come into play. And they’re not just for show, but very useful in fact, especially in seeing through people’s intentions and thoughts.

Not so much an act of will, but one based on instincts and maybe even survival traits, that “prophetic” sight allows them to not let themselves be deceived or conned by anyone.

It also helps in elevating their empathic levels, which in turn helps them to better understand and cooperate with others.

For them, love is either on the verge of paroxysm, or non-existent. And so, seeing as though they become very quickly attached and find the partner to be an indispensable presence in their lives, it then becomes apparent how they can be so devoted.

In fact, routine helps to create that bond between man and woman, just as much as talking to one another does.

Wishing to lead a good life, the Pisces of the 1st decan chooses to seek comfort and health about all else. And that’s why, probably due to a balanced nutrition, they all look 10 years younger than they actually are.

It does not make them, however, act in a selfish way towards others, or in general. On the contrary, they are one of the most selfless and generous people out there, capable of even personal sacrifices in order to help someone in need.

Pisces Decan 2: March 1st – 10th

The influence the Moon has on the Pisces of the second decan deals with family relations and how they perceive them.

It could pose a serious problem to leave the protective and comfortable space that their parents raised them in, but that is also the only way one could develop and achieve greatness. Establishing their own family and caring for the loved ones will help alleviate that rupture though.

Born from the union of the Moon and Neptune, these natives are exceptionally sensitive and insightful towards the presence of others.

And they can adapt to any social situation, be it formal or informal, through the sheer power of imagination and ingenuity alone.

For this Pisces, everything around them has a certain beauty contained in it. They can see the world for what it is, but that does not stop them from standing in awe at the grand spectacle of life.

Art, sculpture, painting, music, intelligent people, are but a few of the things that enrapture them. This perspective and appreciation for the small things determines their attraction for like-minded people, those who can take a breather and smell the blooming trees in spring, or admire the dainty splendor of a riverside.

These activities can maintain their attention for hours on end, and one should keep in mind that a Pisces finds comfort and relaxation this way.

Endowed with tremendous imaginative and creative potential, these natives basically have the recipe for success.

Money, love, friends, fame, and more, can be theirs if they only allow themselves a few moments to visualize what is really important. Some even say that the Universe conspires and is directly responsible for their achievements. That’s how heaven-defying that potential is.

Pisces Decan 3: March 11th – 20th

If the Pisces of the second decan had an outstanding potential, being a dreamer to be more precise, then what we have here can only be described as straight-up genius.

Nothing is out of his reach and he has all the cards to succeed. Ability, grit, ambition, perseverance, imagination, you name it.

Among his fellow Pisces, and I’m looking at you, first decans, this native is the most enduring powerhouse, capable of great efforts and even greater sacrifices.

Mars and Neptune’s synergy creates an individual not unlike those heroes that we all know, able to act a moment’s notice and with a strong determination.

Willful and focused, the world is his playground, and his mind the weapon needed to conquer it. Experiences are to be harnessed and used as the material for critical decisions and plans.

Very compassionate and kind individuals, the Pisces of the third decan see it only natural to help and offer support for those who need it.

Empathy was never so evident as here, and this means that there will always be an underlying sense of selflessness and generosity accompanying their every action.

These natives actively seek acknowledgement and appreciation when it comes to intimate relationships. And if that plays out well, the sky’s the limit.

Thinking in perspective and putting into practice the ideas and various concepts that plague his imagination, the Pisces-Scorpio is a man on a mission, determined and possessing the know-how necessary to succeed.

Usually fulfilling the roles of pioneers or initiators, these natives take it upon themselves to strive for a better world, and act on those dreams.

Destiny also plays an important part on their road to dominance, but somewhere in their life, sooner or later, a Pisces of the third decan will encounter a life-changing situation.

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