The 9th House

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This is also known as the house of travel and is the ninth of the twelve houses of the zodiac. The planets and signs that are located in this cadent house on the birth chart influence the journey of the individual in life meaning long distance travel, higher education and other life adventures.

The natural sign ruler is Sagittarius, the ninth zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, and the planetary ruler is Jupiter, the planet of knowledge, purpose and research.


This house governs how much the individual will travel in life, looks at discovering foreign places, at learning new languages and at matters of risk and luck in life.

It pertains to ways of travel, whether by road, in the skies or by sea. Those who travel enrich their knowledge of the world and bring this back home with them.

Foreign rituals and the act of knowing and discovery are at the centre of this house and push new questions for the individual to answer in life.


The ninth house has a deeper meaning attached to it than it might become apparent and relates to the experience of the individual who understands the world around step by step.

It reflects concepts, values and theories that enhance the world around and reminds all the time that we are on a perpetual journey of discovery.

This is also a house of accepting that life brings with it changes and that sometimes we cannot grasp all the reasons behind something happening.

It links to matter of philosophy in equal measure as it links to matters of religion and govern some interconnected ways in which people interact by respecting these ancient laws.

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