The 8th House

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The eight of the twelve houses of the zodiac, this is the house of transformation and sexuality. The planets and signs that are placed in this succedent house on the birth chart influence important transformations that one experiences in life.

The natural sign ruler is Scorpio, the eight zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, and the planetary ruler is Pluto, the planet of subconscious forces and permanent renewal.

Sexual desires

Opposite to the second house, that of possessions, stands this house which governs pleasure arising from sexuality and transformations that occur in life.

This is still a house of possessions, this time not of the individual but of groups, for instance, inheritance or investments that depend on others too.

It influences actions that bring the natives to a common ground with others, because they are pursuing the same end goal.

Exaltation, rebirth and demonstrations of strength belong to this space, along demonstrations of virility and passion.

On the other hand, this is also where decisions about change occur after episodes of failure or when one needs to start all over.

Mysterious energies

This house governs some new changes, but only when they are motivated by strong feelings and occur as a transformation from an earlier stage.

Emotional and spiritual support from others is also influenced by this house, along with some aspects of group dynamic. The idea of joint assets comes to play, along with the negative effects of it, such as matters of taxes or other debt.

The metaphysic comes to play by governing the rituals one puts in practice, whether we are talking about plans to manipulate others or activities that get one in contact with occult forces.

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