Taurus Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

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The second star sign in the Zodiac, the Taurus is based around the symbol of the Bull. Governed by Venus, the planet which deals with social relationships, imagination and inventiveness, the Taurus natives have a strong relation with their sense of touch more so than with any other sense.

Taureans are highly motivated when it comes to achieving their goal. With both feet on the ground and a realistic attitude, nothing can stop them from making a dream come true. Even more so when that dream is connected to some personal desire or wish.

Taurus Decan 1: April 20th – 29th

For the Taurus/Venus natives, money is what makes them tick. Being thoughtful about future prospects and actually putting forth all your efforts in getting as much money as possible are two entirely different things.

This attitude can very well bring about a lot of dissatisfactions and make you miss on some simple, yet beautiful things in life. Sure, money does make you rich and wealthy, but when was that ever the purpose of all this?

Happiness and comfort are ultimately what everyone wants, and Taurus/Venus natives should realize that materialism is not necessarily good in and of itself.

With Venus acting on both fronts, these Taurus natives are individuals of high artistic power and little social decisiveness. Shyness acts as a strong deterrent for their potential. They may, however, be talented in painting, music, and even architecture.

And this comes as a result of the strong disposition for beauty and artistic endeavors; in short they are very conscious of what catches their attention.

Because dynamism defines their way of life, Taurians are very diverse when it comes to their passions and interests. Day-to-day activities are the sort of routine that they maintain, and so, one of the ways in which one can get close to a Taurus native is by showing interest in what they do.

This is a bonding experience that is not to be underestimated. And it comes as no surprise that Taurus-born individuals prefer the more sensible and have an indirect approach when it comes to sentimental issues. The hands-on alternative inhibits and limits their ability to cope with it.

Given Taurians’ natural inclination towards emotional sensitivity and lack of initiative, it may sound a bit awkward to find determination and stubbornness regarding goal pursuing in them.

Odd as it may seem, it’s perfectly true, and even more than that, a Taurus of the first decan is pretty well anchored in reality as well.

Mistakes are to be learned from and, coupled with their highly-functional memory and trust in themselves, it’s a given that they are appreciated in any social circle.

Taurus Decan 2: April 30th – May 10th

What the Virgo/Mercury combo brings about is even more working power, ambition and determination for success.

Nothing is to be left to chance, and everything should be under strict supervision. Only by keeping a tight rein on things could one attain their goal, a material one most of the time, if we’re talking about Taurus.

Artistic enthusiasm and analytic scrutiny are the two opposite mindsets that Venus and Mercury bestow upon a Taurus native.

The internal duality seems to put them at odds sometimes with the proper way in which to solve a problem.

Thanks to the influence of Mercury, the Taurus-Virgo natives are thought to be amongst the most intelligent of the Zodiac.

Their thoughts run wild and uninhibited, depending on the situation and state of mind. Be it pragmatism or philosophical bits of knowledge, a Taurus born in Decan 2 can do both with no problems at all.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, Taurians prefer their partners to be straightforward and deeply committed, but in an honest and romantic way.

Attention-seeking and affection-begging is not the name of the game here, not in the least. If it’s something they like in a person, then it’s self-respect and a strong will. Frankness describes the Taurus natives very well, especially when talking about things they don’t like.

What really baffles other people is the dichotomy between how they appear to be and how they actually are. The outer appearance seems that of an observing and socially aware individual, but deep down, contemplation, analysis and planning actually set the whole mechanism in motion.

Their ability to adapt to any situation fuels their analytic capabilities, being a testament of their great potential.

Taurus Decan 3: May 11th – 20th

A Taurus of the third decan finds itself under the auspices of the Saturn/Capricorn alliance. Capricorn, being the patron of the Tenth House of professional success, glory and social prestige, gives the Taurus native the drive to succeed in any context, under any circumstances.

Ignoring any and all limitations and obstructions, they always aim for a higher goal towards personal success and prestige.

Their will to keep on going despite the hardships is what gives them an edge to reach the top and stay there. The many combative circumstances that they encounter polish their skills and set them on the path to perfection, giving the impression that the world conspires to their ascension.

Very individualistic and straightforward individuals, Taurus natives are very protective of their freedom and don’t accept anyone trying to interfere with their way of doing things.

Whoever wants to befriend such individuals has to keep in mind to give them the space and the independence to do as they see fit, but also to keep their attention focused towards acceptance.

Being naturalistic and charming by nature, they are also a source of constant innovation and beguiling composure. A carefree and unrestrained attitude, coupled with a strong conviction, make for a really extraordinary mixture.

They are very good with children, probably due to the latter’s playfulness and freedom, which sometimes imbues them with an aura of innocence.

Moreover, their admiration for successful and praiseworthy people is only undermined by their unwillingness to resign themselves from attaining the goal at hand. They need more resolution, but the way to get it is neither obvious nor simple.

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