The 6th House

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This is the house of work and health and is the sixth of the twelve houses of the zodiac. The planets and signs that are placed in this cadent house on the birth chart influence activities of day to day life and govern daily routines, services, health and habits.

The natural sign ruler is Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, and the planetary ruler is Mercury, the planet of communications, awareness and coordination.


This is where performance meets organization, where efficiency meets challenges and where responsibilities break from other activities of life.

It dictates how the individual reacts in times of crisis and what they keep as foundation of their decisions. This is a space of life lessons, even those that won’t necessarily come from formal education.

This is a space that talks about services and being timely but also about fears and challenges that keep the individual from pursuing whatever they are really interested to pursue.

Personal duty and responsibilities are most important for those with strong activity in this house but there are also elements of self-doubt.

Health and healing

Realizing self-potential may also come at a pricey cost for the individuals who are overly concerned with their health. This is the place where most care is taken for the physical body.

This house governs neatness and cleanliness is material and immaterial. It influences routines and contributes to the creation of routines.

Whenever one is interested in starting a diet, to fitness or improve their appearance, this house and whoever resides in it, will be likely to dictate the results.

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