Virgo Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

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Virgo is the sign of order, which automatically means that the natives hate chaos and will do everything in their powers to remove it from all aspects of their lives. They are methodical and precise and will tackle everything with the practical sense of a mathematician constructing his doctoral thesis.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo marks the sign of the hard-working. Virgoans are highly intelligent, highly communicative and can and will work their way through life using the unmatched speech skills nature has provided them with. Few will be able to achieve or surpass their natural volubility.

Virgo Decan 1: August 23rd – September 2nd

This is where the influence of Mercury is the most potent and most visible. Virgoans of the first decan are born to become writers. Nothing related to language, be it spoken or written, holds any secrets from them.

Versatile, inventive and malleable, they will master the art of the word in ways that are both unique and intriguing.

Combine these qualities with the natural propensity towards adaptability and the most likely occupations to fit their character are editor, teacher, reporter, or anything even remotely related to writing or publicly speaking.

Highly intelligent and persuasive, those born in the first decan excel at everything requiring intelligence, mental sharpness, inventiveness and focus. No one works harder than them, is more determined than them or pushes things harder than they do.

It only helps that they are highly adaptable, able to deal with any situation, no matter how hard, complicated or unpredictable.

Their almost prophetic insight allows them to predict and control the outcome and nothing can change that, no matter how sudden it may occur or how unprepared they may seem. “Highly adaptable”, remember?

Speaking of love and romanticism, you could say the Virgo individuals make for ideal partners. A mix of immense sensitivity and an artistic, spiritual approach towards ideas of love and emotional belonging makes them incredibly attractive to the opposite gender.

Needless to say, they seek for the same qualities in their partner. As sapiosexuals, Virgoans’ interest will immediately burst when confronted intellectually by their partners. An environment that continuously stimulates their intellect is what they seek and this is also true for their amorous relationships.

Virgo Decan 2: September 3rd – 13th

The second decan marks the marriage between Virgo and Capricorn. This is where Saturn’s influence falls upon aspects like career and personal determination. Imbued with this new energy, Virgoans are masters at obtaining what they want. Nothing is too hard, too distant or requires too many sacrifices.

A native of the second decan will do whatever it takes to achieve success, irrespective of the things needing to be sacrificed in the process, be them time, money, effort or anything in between. The only thing that they are not willing to sacrifice is honor.

The Saturn-Mercury association is what governs their personality and the result can have mixed results. Sometimes they will prove an immutable determination in achieving their goals, other times they will become discouraged and tap out at the first sign of slipping.

What makes up for that is their native, genuine sense of humor, spiced with just a whiff of sarcasm. This helps them better deal with defeat, but it is also a great tool for making new friends along the way.

And that’s a good thing, because Virgoans are known to be a bit more introverted than others. You won’t hear them asking for your help anytime soon, but you will most likely lend them a hand anyway just because they are so cool to hang out with.

Choosing a second decan Virgoan as a partner will put you in some rather unexpected situations. Although they are sensitive, sympathetic and caring about their partner’s feelings, there is a side to them that, whether you will like it or not, it will definitely take you by surprise.

Virgoans tend to be, let’s say this much … inventive in bed. You may want to put your priorities straight before venturing into uncharted sexual territories with them. Another important aspect to mention is that they tend to prefer solitude for the most part.

They can make for steady, loyal love mates, but you must allow them the freedom they need. No leash and no muzzle will ever hold them back.

Virgo Decan 3: September 14th – 22nd

This is the decan where Taurus will make its presence noticed and the effects will quickly show. Having a bull to moderate their changing nature, Virgoans will show more determination and more will power, as well as a higher dose of persistence, sometimes to the point of becoming annoying.

But it’s all for a good cause; once a purpose has been visualized, they will mobilize their entire energy to turn it to reality. No excuses, no breaks, no complaining.

But what is determination without an unbreakable and immutable positive state of mind? Worry not, for third decan Virgoans are the epitome of positive thinking, mental and intellectual stability and optimism.

Nothing seems to be too hard or too complicated. Apparently, everything is within their reach. All it takes is just a little bit of commitment, a little bit of sacrifice and a little bit of hard work and every goal is doable. In terms of mental determination, Third Decan natives are the superheroes of their world, with or without a cape.

Combining their otherworldly inclination towards optimism with a surging dose of realism makes for one fulminant recipe for a satisfying, fulfilling life.

A recipe Virgo-Taurus individuals end up mastering so well they could steal Gordon Ramsey’s job. Throw rocks at them and they will use the projectiles to build a home, a highway, a chain of restaurants and a board showcasing the words “Thank you for the free materials!”.

Generous and loving, they make for perfect parents and ideal lovers. They are able to endure many sacrifices in the name of love, so long as you stay true and honest.

They hate hypocrisy and dissimulation, so don’t even try getting to a Virgoans soul through deceit or lies.

They will see right through you and will abandon the boat as soon as the betrayal is sensed. If all goes well, however, Virgoan individuals can be extremely protective of what’s theirs. Love one with all of your heart and he will love you with all of his in return.

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