Iulia Trandafir, Senior Astrology Writer

Iulia Trandafir, Senior Astrology Writer

My first contact with astrology was in the early 2000s in an attempt to better know myself and to understand what I can do best in this world. And a little bit, I must admit, with the desire to predict my future, although along the way, I learnt that is just not possible in the way I supposed it would be.

Few friends of mine started to push me towards practicing astrology as they have seen some gift in me. One of my best friends even offered me two of the most important astrology books for my birthday in 2007, encouraging me to continue and to develop my skills. I am still grateful to her!

Along my self-discovery journey, astrology was not the only help. I have a passion for the analytical psychology of C.G. Jung, the author of my favourite non-fictional book ever: ‘’Memories, Dreams, Reflections”. And so, I became fascinated by how many things can be discovered from dreams about ourselves or about our ancestors, as well as from using the association method.

Here is my favourite quote on astrology: "Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity."(C.G. Jung)

These are, in part, the reasons for the name of my personal online project PSY Astrology where you are welcome to read psychological insights for the planetary transits and for the other astrological events due to occur. But I also use in my analysis the entire experience I’ve got from all the activities I’ve undertook along my career – journalism, marketing, training, coaching – and from all interactions with people who’ve tried to know themselves better and considered I was able to help them at the time.

I am glad to share the analysis and forecast for the most important astral circumstances that are going to affect us, here on TheHoroscope as well.

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