August 24 2011 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

Curious about August 24 2011 horoscope meanings? Here is an interesting profile of someone having this birthday, that contains a lot of information on Virgo sign traits, Chinese zodiac animal properties and some facts in health, love or money and last but not least a subjective personal descriptors interpretation together with an interesting lucky feature chart.

August 24 2011 Horoscope Horoscope and zodiac sign meanings

In the first place, let's start with few key astrological meanings of this birthday and its associated sun sign:

  • An individual born on 24 Aug 2011 is governed by Virgo. Its dates are August 23 - September 22.
  • Virgo is symbolized by Maiden.
  • The life path number for anyone born on 8/24/2011 is 9.
  • Virgo has a negative polarity described by attributes such as quite severe and timorous, while it is considered a feminine sign.
  • The associated element for this astrological sign is the Earth. Three characteristics of someone born under this element are:
    • always interested in methods of self verification
    • coming to well-reasoned solutions
    • great at playing the role of a key influencer
  • The modality for this astrological sign is Mutable. In general someone born under this modality is described by:
    • very flexible
    • deals with unknown situations very well
    • likes almost every change
  • Natives born under Virgo are most compatible in love with:
  • It is very well known that Virgo is least compatible in love with:

Birthday characteristics interpretation Birthday characteristics interpretation

Within this section there is a subjective astrological profile of someone born on Aug 24 2011, consisting in a list of personal characteristics subjectively evaluated and in a chart designed to present possible lucky features in life's most important aspects.

Birthday characteristics interpretation Horoscope personality descriptors chart

No resemblance!
Little to few resemblance!
Rarely descriptive!
Little resemblance!
Some resemblance!
Very good resemblance!
Very good resemblance!
Sometimes descriptive!
Completely descriptive!
No resemblance!
Great resemblance!
Some resemblance!
Quite descriptive!
Sometimes descriptive!
Good description!

Birthday characteristics interpretation Horoscope lucky features chart

Very lucky!
Pretty lucky!
Little to no luck!
No luck!
As lucky as it gets!

August 24 2011 zodiac sign health August 24 2011 health astrology

As Virgo does, an individual born on Aug 24 2011 has a predisposition in confronting with health problems in connection to the area of the abdomen and the components of the digestive system. Below there are listed some examples of such potential issues. Please note that the possibility to suffer from any other problems related to health should not be ignored:

August 24 2011 astrology Parasites that can affect digestion and bowel movement.
August 24 2011 astrology Social anxiety represents the disorder in which the person fears and avoids social contact.
August 24 2011 astrology Migraines and other related affections.
August 24 2011 astrology Profuse sweating for no particular reason or caused by a certain agent.

August 24 2011 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations August 24 2011 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations

The Chinese zodiac offers another approach on how to interpret the influences of the date of birth upon an individual's personality and evolution in life, love, career or health. Within this analysis we will try to describe its meanings.

Zodiac animal detailsZodiac animal details
  • The August 24 2011 zodiac animal is the 兔 Rabbit.
  • The Yin Metal is the related element for the Rabbit symbol.
  • It is belived that 3, 4 and 9 are lucky numbers for this zodiac animal, while 1, 7 and 8 are considered unfortunate.
  • The lucky colors for this Chinese sign are red, pink, purple and blue, while dark brown, white and dark yellow are the ones to be avoided.
Chinese zodiac general characteristicsChinese zodiac general characteristics
  • Among the features defining this zodiac animal we can include:
    • calm person
    • good analytical skills
    • friendly person
    • steady person
  • This zodiac animal shows some trends in terms of behavior in love which we explain here:
    • subtle lover
    • cautious
    • likes stability
    • emphatetic
  • Some statements that can be sustained when talking about the social and interpersonal relationship skills of this sign are:
    • often seen as hospitable
    • high sense of humour
    • often ready to help
    • often playing the role of peacemakers
  • Few career related characteristics that may describe how this sign behaves are:
    • has good diplomatic skills
    • has good communication skills
    • can make strong decisions due to proven ability to consider all options
    • is likeable by people around due to generousity
Chinese zodiac compatibilities Chinese zodiac compatibilities
  • A relationship between the Rabbit and any of the following signs can be one under positive auspices:
    • Tiger
    • Dog
    • Pig
  • There is a normal match between Rabbit and:
    • Dragon
    • Goat
    • Ox
    • Monkey
    • Snake
    • Horse
  • There is no affinity between the Rabbit and these ones:
    • Rat
    • Rabbit
    • Rooster
Chinese zodiac career Chinese zodiac career
If we look at its characteristics a few great careers for this zodiac animal are:
  • marketing agent
  • politician
  • administrator
  • police man
Chinese zodiac health Chinese zodiac health
Regarding the health condition and worries of the Rabbit we can state that:
  • should try to do sports more often
  • has an average health condition
  • there is a likeliness to suffer from coulds and some minor infectious diseases
  • should learn how to better deal with stress
Famous people born with the same zodiac animal Famous people born with the same zodiac animal
Famous people born under the same zodiac animal are:
  • Michael Jordan
  • Whitney Houston
  • Brad Pitt
  • Evan R. Wood

This date's ephemerisThis date's ephemeris

The August 24, 2011 ephemeris coordinates are:

Sidereal time: Sidereal time: 22:07:42 UTC
Ephemeris sun Sun in Virgo at 00° 30'.
Ephemeris moon Moon was in Gemini at 24° 22'.
Ephemeris mercury Mercury in Leo at 19° 14'.
Ephemeris venus Venus was in Virgo at 02° 34'.
Ephemeris mars Mars in Cancer at 13° 34'.
Ephemeris jupiter Jupiter was in Taurus at 10° 17'.
Ephemeris saturn Saturn in Libra at 14° 22'.
Ephemeris uranus Uranus was in Aries at 03° 48'.
Ephemeris neptune Neptun in Aquarius at 29° 30'.
Ephemeris pluto Pluto was in Capricorn at 05° 02'.

August 24 2011 astrologyOther astrology & horoscope facts

Wednesday was the weekday for August 24 2011.

The soul number associated with 8/24/2011 is 6.

The celestial longitude interval assigned to Virgo is 150° to 180°.

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Article date: December 31, 2014