December 28 1985 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

This is the astrology profile of someone born under December 28 1985 horoscope consisting in a lot of Capricorn sign traits and Chinese zodiac sides as well as in an extraordinary personal descriptors interpretation and lucky features chart in life, health or love.

December 28 1985 Horoscope Horoscope and zodiac sign meanings

The astrology of the day in question should first be deciphered by taking into account the general characteristics of its associated horoscope sign:

  • The star sign of natives born on 28 Dec 1985 is Capricorn. This sign is placed between: December 22 and January 19.
  • The Capricorn symbol is considered the Goat.
  • The life path number for anyone born on December 28 1985 is 9.
  • This astrological sign has a negative polarity and its perceptible characteristics are quiet and introvert, while it is considered a feminine sign.
  • The element linked to Capricorn is the Earth. The main three characteristics of a native born under this element are:
    • tendency to take responsibility for own actions
    • able to develop reasonable conclusions
    • considering all the options and possible outcomes
  • The modality linked to Capricorn is Cardinal. The main three characteristics of someone born under this modality are:
    • prefers action rather than planning
    • very energetic
    • takes initiative very often
  • Capricorn is considered to be most compatible in love with:
  • A person born under Capricorn sign is least compatible with:

Birthday characteristics interpretation Birthday characteristics interpretation

Dec 28 1985 is a remarkable day if it were to consider the multiple facets of astrology. That's why through 15 behavioral characteristics decided upon and tested in a subjective way we try to show possible qualities or flaws in case of someone having this birthday, concomitantly offering a lucky features chart that aims to predict good or bad impacts of the horoscope in life, health or money.

Birthday characteristics interpretation Horoscope personality descriptors chart

Completely descriptive!
Quite descriptive!
Sometimes descriptive!
Very good resemblance!
Great resemblance!
Good description!
No resemblance!
Little to few resemblance!
Some resemblance!
Very good resemblance!
Rarely descriptive!
Little resemblance!
Little resemblance!
Quite descriptive!
Good description!

Birthday characteristics interpretation Horoscope lucky features chart

Pretty lucky!
Little to no luck!
Sometimes lucky!
Good luck!
Rarely lucky!

December 28 1985 zodiac sign health December 28 1985 health astrology

As astrology may suggest, the one born on December 28, 1985 has a predisposition in confronting with health problems in connection to the area of the knees. Below there are listed some examples of such potential issues. Please note that the possibility to suffer from any other problems related to health should not be ignored:

December 28 1985 astrology Dental abscess and other periodontal problems.
December 28 1985 astrology Bursitis which causes inflammation, pain and tenderness in the affected area of the bone.
December 28 1985 astrology Uterine complaints such as premenstrual pain.
December 28 1985 astrology Arthritis which is a form of joint inflammation.

December 28 1985 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations December 28 1985 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations

The Chinese zodiac manages to surprise many aspects related to the influence of the date of birth on the future evolution of a person. Within this section we explain a few interpretations from this perspective.

Zodiac animal detailsZodiac animal details
  • The linked zodiac animal for December 28 1985 is the 牛 Ox.
  • The element linked with the Ox symbol is the Yin Wood.
  • The lucky numbers for this zodiac animal are 1 and 9, while numbers to avoid are 3 and 4.
  • Red, blue and purple are the lucky colors for this Chinese sign, while green and white are considered avoidable colors.
Chinese zodiac general characteristicsChinese zodiac general characteristics
  • Among the features defining this zodiac animal we can include:
    • methodical person
    • rather prefers routine than unusual
    • loyal person
    • makes strong decisions based on certain facts
  • These are a few love characteristics that may be representative for this sign:
    • shy
    • quite
    • conservative
    • patient
  • When trying to understand the social and interpersonal relationship skills of an individual ruled by this sign you have to remember that:
    • dislikes social group changes
    • difficult to approach
    • very sincere in friendships
    • prefers staying alone
  • Few career related characteristics that may describe how this sign behaves are:
    • at work often speaks only when the case
    • has good argumentation
    • inovative and willing to solve problems by new approaches
    • often perceived as responsible and engaged in projects
Chinese zodiac compatibilities Chinese zodiac compatibilities
  • A relationship between the Ox and any of the following signs can be one under positive auspices:
    • Pig
    • Rooster
    • Rat
  • There is a normal compatibility between Ox and these symbols:
    • Tiger
    • Snake
    • Dragon
    • Rabbit
    • Monkey
    • Ox
  • Chances of a strong relationship between the Ox and any of these signs are insignificant:
    • Goat
    • Horse
    • Dog
Chinese zodiac career Chinese zodiac career
If we look at its characteristics careers recommended to this zodiac animal are:
  • financial officer
  • manufacturer
  • policitian
  • real estate agent
Chinese zodiac health Chinese zodiac health
A few things that are health related should be considered by this symbol:
  • should pay attention more on how to deal with stress
  • should take care much more about resting time
  • doing more sport is recommended
  • should pay attention on keeping a balanced meal time
Famous people born with the same zodiac animal Famous people born with the same zodiac animal
These are a few celebrities born in the Ox year:
  • Oscar De La Hoya
  • Meg Ryan
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Barack Obama

This date's ephemerisThis date's ephemeris

These are the ephemeris coordinates for December 28 1985:

Sidereal time: Sidereal time: 06:25:39 UTC
Ephemeris sun Sun in Capricorn at 06° 11'.
Ephemeris moon Moon was in Cancer at 13° 58'.
Ephemeris mercury Mercury in Sagittarius at 17° 14'.
Ephemeris venus Venus was in Capricorn at 00° 46'.
Ephemeris mars Mars in Scorpio at 08° 07'.
Ephemeris jupiter Jupiter was in Aquarius at 17° 25'.
Ephemeris saturn Saturn in Sagittarius at 04° 44'.
Ephemeris uranus Uranus was in Sagittarius at 19° 16'.
Ephemeris neptune Neptun in Capricorn at 03° 26'.
Ephemeris pluto Pluto was in Scorpio at 06° 49'.

December 28 1985 astrologyOther astrology & horoscope facts

On December 28 1985 was a Saturday.

The soul number that rules the Dec 28 1985 day is 1.

The celestial longitude interval for the western astrology symbol is 270° to 300°.

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Article date: December 29, 2014