January 29 2008 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

Are you born on January 29 2008? Then you‘re in the right place as you can get below a lot of thought-provoking details about your horoscope profile, Aquarius zodiac sign facts together with many other astrology, Chinese zodiac meanings and an interesting personal descriptors assessment and lucky features.

January 29 2008 Horoscope Horoscope and zodiac sign meanings

In introduction, here are the most often referred astrological meanings for this date and its associated zodiac sign:

  • The connected zodiac sign with Jan 29 2008 is Aquarius. The period of this sign is between January 20 - February 18.
  • Water-bearer is the symbol for Aquarius.
  • In numerology the life path number for the ones born on 1/29/2008 is 4.
  • The polarity of this sign is positive and its perceptible characteristics are caring and sincere, while it is categorised as a masculine sign.
  • The element linked to Aquarius is the Air. The main three characteristics of people born under this element are:
    • being eager to learn something new
    • being aware of how important networking is
    • being able to observe changes from insignificant to important ones
  • The modality for Aquarius is Fixed. The main 3 characteristics of a native born under this modality are:
    • has a great willpower
    • prefers clear paths, rules and procedures
    • dislikes almost every change
  • It is very well known that Aquarius is most compatible in love with:
  • A person born under Aquarius horoscope is least compatible with:

Birthday characteristics interpretation Birthday characteristics interpretation

The zodiac of January 29 2008 has its peculiarities , so through a list of 15 common characteristics evaluated in a subjective manner we try to complete the personality profile of a person born on this day by his qualities or flaws, together with a lucky features chart explaining the horoscope implications in life.

Birthday characteristics interpretation Horoscope personality descriptors chart

Good description!
Very good resemblance!
Rarely descriptive!
No resemblance!
Sometimes descriptive!
Very good resemblance!
Great resemblance!
Quite descriptive!
Little to few resemblance!
Little to few resemblance!
Some resemblance!
Good description!
Little resemblance!
Great resemblance!
Completely descriptive!

Birthday characteristics interpretation Horoscope lucky features chart

Quite lucky!
No luck!
Very lucky!
Sometimes lucky!
Little to no luck!

January 29 2008 zodiac sign health January 29 2008 health astrology

As Aquarius does, an individual born on January 29 2008 has a predisposition in confronting with health problems in connection to the area of the ankles, lower leg and the circulation in these areas. Below there are listed some examples of such potential issues. Please note that the possibility to suffer from any other problems related to health should not be ignored:

January 29 2008 astrology Shoe sensitivities that can further lead to developing calluses.
January 29 2008 astrology Tendonitis which is the inflammation of the tendons.
January 29 2008 astrology Lymphoma which is a conglomerate of blood cell tumors developing from lymphocytes.
January 29 2008 astrology Lymphedema which is a chronic swelling of the limbs caused by the accumulation of lymph fluid.

January 29 2008 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations January 29 2008 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations

The birth date may be interpreted from the perspective of the Chinese zodiac which in many cases suggests or explains strong and unexpected meanings. In the next lines we will try understanding its message.

Zodiac animal detailsZodiac animal details
  • For a person born on January 29 2008 the zodiac animal is the 猪 Pig.
  • The element for the Pig symbol is the Yin Fire.
  • The lucky numbers linked with this zodiac animal are 2, 5 and 8, while 1, 3 and 9 are considered unfortunate numbers.
  • This Chinese sign has grey, yellow and brown and golden as lucky colors, while green, red and blue are considered avoidable colors.
Chinese zodiac general characteristicsChinese zodiac general characteristics
  • Among the peculiarities that can be exemplified about this zodiac animal we may include:
    • diplomatic person
    • materialistic person
    • gentle person
    • communicative person
  • The Pig comes with a few special features regarding the behavior in love which we list in this section:
    • devoted
    • admirable
    • dislikes lie
    • dislikes betrail
  • Among the traits related to social and interpersonal relationship skills of this sign can be included:
    • perfers having lifetime friendships
    • often perceived as naive
    • often perceived as tolerant
    • often perceived as too optimistic
  • If we are trying to find explanations relating to this zodiac influences on the evolution of one's career, we can state that:
    • has a great sense of responsibility
    • enjoys working with groups
    • can be details oriented when necessary
    • always seeking new challenges
Chinese zodiac compatibilities Chinese zodiac compatibilities
  • There is a high affinity between the Pig and the following zodiac animals:
    • Rabbit
    • Tiger
    • Rooster
  • Pig can have a normal relationship with:
    • Goat
    • Pig
    • Monkey
    • Dog
    • Dragon
    • Ox
  • There is no chance that the Pig get into a good relationship with:
    • Snake
    • Horse
    • Rat
Chinese zodiac career Chinese zodiac career
Possible careers for this zodiac animal would be:
  • web designer
  • project manager
  • architect
  • commercial manager
Chinese zodiac health Chinese zodiac health
The following statements can explain shortly the health status of this symbol:
  • should pay attention not to get exhausted
  • should adopt a balanced diet
  • should try to spend more time to relax and enjoy life
  • should pay attention to a healthier lifestyle
Famous people born with the same zodiac animal Famous people born with the same zodiac animal
These are a few celebrities born under the Pig year:
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Albert Schweitzer
  • Jenna Elfman
  • Julie Andrews

This date's ephemerisThis date's ephemeris

The ephemeris positions for January 29 2008 are:

Sidereal time: Sidereal time: 08:30:31 UTC
Ephemeris sun Sun was in Aquarius at 08° 26'.
Ephemeris moon Moon in Libra at 25° 12'.
Ephemeris mercury Mercury was in Aquarius at 23° 53'.
Ephemeris venus Venus in Capricorn at 05° 44'.
Ephemeris mars Mars was in Gemini at 24° 06'.
Ephemeris jupiter Jupiter in Capricorn at 09° 16'.
Ephemeris saturn Saturn was in Virgo at 07° 09'.
Ephemeris uranus Uranus in Pisces at 16° 29'.
Ephemeris neptune Neptun was in Aquarius at 21° 14'.
Ephemeris pluto Pluto in Capricorn at 00° 05'.

January 29 2008 astrologyOther astrology & horoscope facts

On January 29 2008 was a Tuesday.

The soul number that rules the Jan 29 2008 day is 2.

The celestial longitude interval linked to Aquarius is 300° to 330°.

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Article date: December 31, 2014