August 13 Birthdays

August 13, Leo

Discover here an interesting factsheet about August 13 birthdays and their astrology meanings, including details about the associated zodiac sign that is Leo. Amongst the aspects you can read about there are birthday personality characteristics, positive and negative traits as well as Leo love compatibility and numerology.

August 13 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on August 13 birthdays are sociable, honest and warm- hearted. These people are the pioneers of their generations, in a permanent search for novelty. These Leo natives are friendly and easy going by nature despite not taking enough time to relax and show this side of them.

Negative traits: Leo people born on August 13 are self pitying, inflexible and melodramatic. They are arrogant people who consider themselves better than others and whom also act as if they are someone of greater importance. Another weakness of Leos is that they are selfish and are willing to do all kinds of things to their own benefit, without looking back to whom they are hurting.

Likes: Winning at everything, whether it is a competition or simply the achievement of a simple task. Situations where they can control and lead everything.

Hates: Having to deal with mediocrity and not being listened to.

Lesson to learn: How to be socially aware, they are not the only inhabitants of Earth so it's time to acknowledge that.

Life challenge: Being altruistic and empathic.

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August 13, Leo

Astrological symbol: The Lion is the symbol of people born between July 23 and August 22, according to the tropical astrology. These natives are thought to be prideful and assertive people ready to catch everyone's attention.

Modality: Leo horoscope natives are under the influence of the Fixed modality. The fixed energy suggests a stubborn but also resourceful individual who prefers to keep his or her opinions and fights off change.

Element: Fire represents the element for Fire people and is the first astrological element. This force of nature suggests warmth, nourishment and empowerment.

Ruling house: The fifth is the representative astrological house for those born with this astrological sign. This zodiac space symbolizes entertainment and childhood.

Ruling planet: Sun. This planet governs over personal power, strength, wish to succeed and vanity. These are all things any Leo thinks of frequently. Not only do they feel like they need to rule over everything but they also claim to be regarded as the center of the universe, just like the Sun.

Lucky numbers: The numbers considered to bring luck to August 13 birthday natives are 3, 6, 11, 17 and 26.

Lucky day: Sunday is the lucky day named in astrology for Leo natives. This day symbolizes the Sun in most languages and cultures.

Years of change: 33, 40, 47 and 54 are the defining years considered to influence the Leo natives born under the August 13 horoscope.

August 13 Birthday Compatibility and Love

When it comes to Leo lovers born on August 13, there should be first said they are passionate and sensual partners. They are adventurous lovers whom consider life should be lived at its fullest. They are assertive and flamboyant so they don't usually lack of suitors. They are the definition of the free spirit who doesn't want to be tied down but eventually falls madly in love with a person who is just as complicated and adventurous as they are. If someone is able to attract and keep their attention for a long period of time, they can prove to be romantic and reliable partners. Despite them wanting all the freedom in the world, in relation to their partners they are often possessive, indecisive and jealous.

Astrological compatibilities for these natives say that they are most compatible and find it easier to have a love relationship with Aquarius (January 20- February 18). This fire sign and this air sign are a match that can go either way! Aquarius has all it takes to fan the flames of Leo at the right times while Leo knows exactly when to put some energy in the calm and calculated Aquarius. Somehow they both effortlessly find the resources to make things work and even accomplish some of their individual ideals by working together. These natives are also compatible with the other Fire signs: Aries (March 21- April 19) and Sagittarius (November 22- December 21). Leo people are thought to have the least chances of getting along with Cancer (June 21- July 22).

Those born on the thirteenth day of the month are attracted to sensual partners who know how to handle them and know how to combine praise with criticism. As intuitive as they are in many life matters, when it comes to love they sometimes succumb to their impulses, without a second thought. These people are compatible with others born on the 1st, 17th, 19th and 25th.

Lucky color

The color used in astrology for those with August 13 is orange.

Orange suggests enthusiasm, youth and strength. This zodiac color should be used in objects around the house and accessories.

Those with orange as sign color are creative, optimistic persons for whom the world is a stage and they have so many things to show. They need to socialize, be accepted and respected as part of a group. They enjoy being surrounded with all the shades of the sun, from sunrise to sunset. Orange tempers the fiery heat of red and invites exploration and curiosity about everything that is around.

Other colors indicated for Leo are red and purple.


Ruby is the birthstone defined for August 13 and in general for Leo natives.

This is a precious stone that symbolizes plenitude and passion. This zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and bracelets.

This gemstone is thought to cool off emotions. There are also many legends from different historic times involving the special properties of the Ruby.

Another gemstone considered lucky for Leo natives is Peridot. It is the symbol of liveliness and enthusiasm.


The flower used in astrology for those with August 13 is Sunflower.

Sunflower is a plant that symbolizes liveliness and warmth. This zodiac flower should be used in decorations and other accessories.

Sunflower symbolizes They are also related to longevity and loyalty, they take their energy from the sun and orient it towards the ground, just as the Leo uses its skills to find accomplishment in life. This plant can be found during summer.

Other plants indicated for Leo are Narcissus and Marigold.


The metal used in astrology for those with August 13 is Gold.

Gold symbolizes elegance, power and bravery. This zodiac metal should be used in bracelets and other accessories.

Gold is a precious metal with many benefic properties and also meanings related to healing and knowledge. South African rocks have given over 40% of the gold already extracted.

Another metal considered beneficial for Leo natives is Bronze.

Statistics and famous birthdays for August 13

August 13 is the 225th day of the year or the 226th day in leap years, in the Gregorian Calendar.

Celebrity birthdays for August 13

- Christoph Nichelsmann: German composer in 1717.

- Wilton Graff: St. Louis, Missouri - Actor (Bloodlust, Just Before Dawn) in 1903.

- Charles "Buddy" Rogers: Olathe, Kansas - Actor (Wings) in 1904.

- Gene Raymond: NYC, New York - Actor (Paris 7000, Fireside Theater) in 1908.

- Ben Hogan: Dublin, Texas - PGA golfer (US Open 1950, 51, 53) in 1912.

- Neville Brand: Kewanee, Illinois - Actor (DOA, Eaten Alive, Fire, Mohawk) in 1921.

- John Milne: CEO (Blue Circles Industries) in 1924.

- Michael Beavis: Deputy cmdr-in-chief (Allied Forces Central Europe) in 1929.

- Marquess Camden in 1930.

- Dawnn Lewis: Actress (Jaleesa-Different World) in 1961.

Birthday calendar, August 13

- English defeat French at Battle of Blenheim in 1704.

- English astronomer J.R. Hind discovers asteroid Iris in 1847.

- Yankee pitcher Red Ruffing homers & wins the game 1-0 in 10 tying the feat of Senator Tom Hughes who also won 1-0 in 10 in 1906 in 1932.

- Central African Republic proclaims independence from France in 1960.

- BC The Mayan '"long count'" calendar system begins in 3114.

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Birthday Numerology for August 13

In numerology, the number for August 13 birthday is 4. This numerology meaning suggests creation combined with logic and a bit of stubbornness. Number 4 people have a strong sense of order and stability. All their efforts are focused on leading a calm and organized life. The letters used with numerology 4 are d, m, v and the vibration is creation. This number is ruled by the planet Uranus and by the card of the emperor.

Having the birthday in August means you are perseverant, mysterious and ambitious. Careers that are suitable for these natives include accountant, builder, architect and designer. August symbols that resonate with these people are the Peridot and Sardonyx as gemstones and Gladiolus and Poppy as plants. August as a month of the year is governed by the number 8 according to astrology meanings. This number symbolizes power of analysis and morality. Those born this month are motivated, analytical and detached.

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