February 15 Birthdays

February 15, Aquarius

Discover here an interesting factsheet about February 15 birthdays and their astrology meanings, including details about the associated zodiac sign that is Aquarius. Amongst the aspects you can read about there are birthday personality characteristics, positive and negative traits as well as Aquarius love compatibility and numerology.

February 15 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on February 15 birthdays are affectionate, convincing and focused. They are the humanitarians of their age, always ready to help those in need. These Aquarius natives are philosophical and seem to be spiritual people with a deeper understanding of the world.

Negative traits: Aquarius people born on February 15 are hesitant, eccentric and stubborn. They are frustrated individuals, dwelling between the extremes of their ideals and the cruel reality. Another weakness of Aquarians is that they are stubborn. Once an idea gets stuck in their heads, no one will be able to get it out of there.

Likes: Having everything around them organized and neat and having long conversations.

Hates: Mediocrity and vanity.

Lesson to learn: To stop acting like they know it all because it not only drives people away

Life challenge: Being less worrisome and more proactive.

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February 15, Aquarius

Astrological symbol: The Water bearer is the symbol for Aquarius natives and describes them as altruistic, original and ahead of their times. This astrological connection matches those born between January 20 and February 18, according to the tropical astrology.

Modality: Fixed describes the modality for the Aquarius horoscope natives. The fixed energy makes one act in an organized and analytical way.

Element: Air is the representative element for Aquarius people and is the third in order. This power of nature suggests adaptability and openness.

Ruling house: The eleventh is the representative house for the Aquarius people born under this astrological sign. This is a place of friendship and original expectations.

Ruling planet: Uranus. This celestial body influences sudden changes and necessary transformations. This suggests an adaptable Aquarius with a progressive perspective on all life matters.

Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 12, 17 and 24 are the numbers thought to bring luck to those born under the February 15 birthday.

Lucky day: Tuesday is the lucky day for the Aquarius zodiac sign. Tuesday symbolizes clarity and decisions and is governed by the God Norse.

Years of change: The change years that are thought to be influential to February 15 horoscope natives are 16, 23, 37 and 44.

February 15 Birthday Compatibility and Love

When it comes to Aquarius lovers born on February 15, there should be first said they are idealistic and adventurous lovers. They aim for higher grounds and spiritual accomplishments and know that they need the support of their peers to reach their goals. Despite being resourceful and quit to take opportunities, in love they are sometimes slow and they usually embark in relationships because of the insistence of the other person. When they feel involved, they can awaken some of that romance and passion they have there, hidden deep inside.

Astrological compatibilities for these natives say that they are most compatible and find it easier to have a love relationship with Aquarius people just like them. These two air signs are a strong match! You understand each other's ideals and freedom need thus resulting in time generally enjoyed in each other's company. Both of you are good communicators with restless minds a fact that will bring you many benefits during your relationship. These natives are also compatible with the other Air signs: Gemini (May 21- June 20) and Libra (September 23- October 22). Aquarius people are thought to have the least chances of getting along with Scorpio (October 23- November 21).

Lovers born on the fifteenth day of the month are emotional lovers prone to disappointment in impulsive love affairs but to whom real love comes growing from strong friendships. This is because these people have an inner calling towards helping these people to find their inner balance and into fulfilling their potential. Such partners manage to give a greater and practical purpose even to love. These persons are compatible with people born on the 1st, 6th, 19th and 29th.

Lucky color

The color for Aquarius natives born with the February 15 is blue-green.

This hue denotes loneliness, activity, security and maturity. The zodiac color should be used in items of clothing or objects in the house.

People having blue-green as sign color are quiet and usually hide their feelings but when treated unfairly they start fighting, want to be noticed and show all of their hidden strength. This watery color brings this native a great flow of energy and imagination.

Other colors for Aquarius people are navy blue and grey.


The birthstone considered to be representative for Aquarius natives with February 15 is Amethyst.

Amethyst suggests stability and inner peace. This zodiac birthstone is advised to be used in pendants and earrings.

Amethyst is said to boost general healing and sooth headaches and arthritis. This gemstone is part of the quartz family and comes in all kinds of purple, mauve shades.

Another gemstone considered lucky for Aquarius natives is Amber. It is the symbol of courage and reaction.


The lucky flower for those born under the February 15 is Orchid.

Orchid is one of those plants that denote grace and sensibility. This zodiac flower should be used in decorative items in the places these natives spend time.

In ancient Greek, this flower was thought to determine the gender of an unborn child. This flower can be enjoyed during midspring.

Other flowers representative for Aquarius are Chrysanthemum and Ivy.


Platinum is the representative metal for those born under the February 15.

This is a metal that symbolizes inner strength and wealth. This zodiac metal is advised to be used in pendants and earrings.

It is also one of the rarest metals on Earth, therefore being associated with prestige and exclusivity. Being resistant to tarnish and wear platinum is frequently used in electronic equipments.

Another metal considered influential for Aquarius natives is Aluminum.

Statistics and famous birthdays for February 15

February 15 is the 46th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.

Celebrity birthdays for February 15

- Galileo Galilei: Pisa, Italy - Astronomer - physicist in 1564.

- Charles Niellon: Belgian brigade General (10 day campaign) in 1795.

- Charles Lewis Tiffany: Killingly, Connecticut - Jeweler (Tiffany) in 1812.

- Alfred North Whitehead: England, United Kingdom - Mathematician - philosopher (Adv of Ideas) in 1861.

- Alan Arbus: NYC, New York - Actor (Dr Sidney Freedman-M*A*S*H) in 1918.

- Frank Dunlop: Director (Edinburgh International Festival) in 1927.

- C F Payne: Cleveland, Ohio - British chief constable in 1930.

- (Patricia) Claire Bloom: London, England - Actress (Charly, Look Back in Anger) in 1931.

- Christopher Rouse: Composer in 1949.

- (Babette) Renee Props: Oklahoma, United States - Actress (Elly Snyder-As the World Turns) in 1962.

Birthday calendar, February 15

- William Parsons - the Earl of Rosse - First uses 72-inch reflector in 1845.

- Historic Elm at Boston blown down in 1876.

- SF Public Library (Main Branch at Civic center) dedicated in 1917.

- Walt Disney's "Cinderella" released in 1950.

- Production announced-First pilot plant to produce man-made diamonds in 1955.

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Birthday Numerology for February 15

In numerology, the number for February 15 birthday is 6. Number 6 people are selfless and creative. Humanitarians with strong sense of responsibility, unselfishness, and gentle, soft spoken and intelligent dedicate their lives to helping others. The letters associated with numerology 6 are f, o, x and the vibration is balance. This number is ruled by the card of the lovers and by the planet Venus.

People whose birthdays belong to February are temperaments, original and eager learners. The careers appropriate for these natives include researcher, programmer, analyst and doctor. February symbols that resonate with these people are Garnet and Jasper as gemstones, Violet and Primrose as plants and the month of purification as stated in the ancient Roman Empire Being born in the month of February it seems that number 2 will be of great importance in the life of those born at such time. This is the number of duality, partnerships and tolerance. People born on this month are idealistic and active.

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