February 2 Birthdays

February 2, Aquarius

This is an interesting description of February 2 birthdays together with their astrology meanings and associated zodiac sign that is Aquarius. Amongst the interesting facts you can read about here are birthday personality characteristics, positive and negative traits as well as Aquarius love compatibility and numerology for someone born on this day.

February 2 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on February 2 birthdays are philosophical, witty and innovating. They are easy going beings who seem to find their way around very different kinds of people. These Aquarius natives are focused and once they set their mind to a project they are sure to lead it to completion.

Negative traits: Aquarius people born on February 2 are eccentric, contradictory and overconfident. They are chaotic individuals who despise having to follow schedules or keep an organized lifestyle. Another weakness of Aquarians is that they are stubborn. Once an idea gets stuck in their heads, no one will be able to get it out of there.

Likes: Using meditation and relaxation techniques.

Hates: Being stuck in a monotone activity.

Lesson to learn: To sometimes shut up and listen to advice other people give them.

Life challenge: Accept they don't always know everything.

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February 2, Aquarius

Astrological symbol: The Water bearer is defined as the symbol for Aquarius natives whom are thought to be great humanitarians and creators of the future. This astrological connection matches those born between January 20 and February 18, according to the tropical astrology.

Modality: Because Aquarius is a Fixed sign, these natives are influenced by this modality, the second to appear. Fixed energy often suggests an individual who is confident and self reliant and prefer to set his or her own rules.

Element: Air is the representative element for Aquarius people and is the third in order. This power of nature suggests openness and adaptability.

Ruling house: The eleventh is the astrological house that applies for the natives of this astrological sign. This zodiac space represents dreams, hopes and friendships.

Ruling planet: Uranus represents the planet that applies for the Aquarius astrology natives. Uranus as ruler in the zodiac symbolizes eccentricities and innovative planning.

Lucky numbers: The favoring numbers for those with the February 2 birthday are 3, 5, 10, 19 and 25.

Lucky day: Tuesday is the main lucky day for Aquarius natives. Tuesdays are governed by the God Norse and suggest honesty and completion.

Years of change: 16, 30, 37 and 44 are The change years that are said to be influential for those born under the February 2 horoscope.

February 2 Birthday Compatibility and Love

Aquarius natives born on February 2 are sociable, idealistic and adventurous lovers. They aim for higher grounds and spiritual accomplishments and know that they need the support of their peers to reach their goals. They are loving individuals but they rarely commit with their whole hearts. They are attentive and caring but seem to find it hard to express how they feel or to understand what they really expect from their partner. Their love is complicated but only because they make it so.

Astrological compatibilities for these natives say that they are most compatible and find it easier to have a love relationship with Aquarius people just like them. These two air signs are a strong match! You understand each other's ideals and freedom need thus resulting in time generally enjoyed in each other's company. Both of you are good communicators with restless minds a fact that will bring you many benefits during your relationship. These natives are also compatible with the other Air signs: Gemini (May 21- June 20) and Libra (September 23- October 22). Aquarius people are thought to have the least chances of getting along with Scorpio (October 23- November 21).

Those born on the second day of the month are the lucky ones when it comes to love. They are somewhat governed by the sensible Moon therefore they are empathic and sentimental. They aim to create deep connections with everyone they meet, be them just friends or prospective partners. However they prefer to take their time to fall deeply in love. These people are compatible with others born on the 2nd, 11th, 14th and 20th.

Lucky color

The color used in astrology for those with February 2 is blue-green.

Blue-green symbolizes loneliness, activity, security and maturity. This zodiac color should be used for objects that are sitting in places where these natives spend most of their time.

People having blue-green as sign color have a practical and hard working spirit that usually gets them the stable life they aim for. This watery color brings this native a great flow of energy and imagination.

Other colors for Aquarius people are navy blue and grey.


Amethyst is the birthstone said to be representative for Aquarius people born with February 2.

Amethyst suggests stability and inner peace. This zodiac birthstone should be used in all kinds of jewelry items that are to be worn frequently.

Amethyst is said to have empowering energy on the Aquarius and also enhance their ability to express their feeling or communicate with other people. This gemstone is part of the quartz family and comes in all kinds of purple, mauve shades.

Another precious stone considered beneficial for Aquarius natives is Amber. It represents courage.


The flower used in astrology for those with February 2 is Orchid.

Orchid is a plant that symbolizes sensibility and refinery. The zodiac flower could be used in gifts and decorative items.

The orchid was thought to relate to fertility, curiosity and spirit of innovation. This flower can be enjoyed during midspring.

Other plants that suit Aquarius natives are Chrysanthemum and Ivy.


The metal used in astrology for those with February 2 is Platinum.

Platinum is one of those metals that denote inner strength, power and wealth. The zodiac metal could be used in accessories and jewelry items.

This is one of the rarest metals on Earth and so it associated with an exclusive and prestigious status. Being resistant to tarnish and wear platinum is frequently used in medical equipments.

Another metal considered lucky for Aquarius natives is Aluminum.

Statistics and famous birthdays for February 2

February 2 is the 33rd day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.

Celebrity birthdays for February 2

- Gottfried August Homilius: Composer in 1714.

- Jan Six: Dutch art historian - art collector in 1857.

- Leopold Fall: Austria - Operetta composer (Dollar Princess) in 1873.

- Frank Foyston: NHL Hall of Famer (Seattle) in 1891.

- Friedrich K Flick: German industrialist in 1927.

- Andreas "Andries" van Agt: Dutch Premier (CDA, 1977-82) in 1931.

- Andrew Davis: Ashbridge, England - Conductor (New Phil Orch-London) in 1944.

- Ursula Oppens: NYC, New York - Pianist - co-founder (Speculum Musicae-NYC) in 1944.

- Paul McKenzie: Australian Finn class yachter (1996 Olympics) in 1968.

- Radka Bobkova: Prague, Czechoslovakia - Tennis star (quarter Bournemouth) in 1973.

Birthday calendar, February 2

- First shipload of Chinese arrive in SF Mexico sells US; Texas - California - New Mexico & Az for $15 million in 1848.

- SS Strathleven arrives in London with First Australian frozen mutton in 1880.

- US warship Kearsarge wrecked on Roncador Reef in 1894.

- Lie detector First used in court - Portage Wi in 1935.

- Late Night with David Letterman premiers in 1981.

What is the luckiest feature of the February 2 Birthdays?

Birthday Numerology for February 2

In numerology, the number for February 2 birthday is 2. This numerology meaning suggests balance and partnerships. Those connected with this numerology can become great mediators and with age they will only turn wiser, gentler and incredibly more considerate to other people. They make great partners and also agile mediators. The letters used with numerology 2 are b, k, t and the vibration is receptiveness. This number is ruled by the Moon and by the card of the highest priestess.

Those with birthdays belonging to February are inquisitive, original and temperaments. Career prospects for these natives include doctor, doctor, designer and programmer. The most known February, the month of purification as stated in the ancient Roman Empire, symbols are Garnet and Jasper as gemstones and Violet and Primrose as plants. Being born in the month of February it seems that number 2 will govern parts of your life. This number symbolizes cooperation and partnerships. The natives in this situation are also reflective, poetic and gentle.

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