February 23 Birthdays

February 23, Pisces

Read here about February 23 birthdays and their astrology meanings, including details about the associated zodiac sign that is Pisces. Amongst the interesting facts you can read about there are birthday personality characteristics, positive and negative traits as well as Pisces love compatibility and numerology.

February 23 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on February 23 birthdays are talented, friendly and philosophical. They are imaginative and creative individuals especially when they allow themselves to be relaxed and open to intuition. These Pisces natives are spiritual beings in touch with mystery and sensuality.

Negative traits: Pisces people born on February 23 are escapist, melancholic and timid. They are chaotic individuals who despise having to follow schedules or keep an organized lifestyle. Another weakness of Pisceans is that they are conceited and consider themselves better than other people, sometimes for no real reason.

Likes: Environments that are close to water, be it the sea, the ocean or simply a river.

Hates: Rudeness and materialistic people.

Lesson to learn: To stop sidestepping obstacles and start dealing with them the mature and brave way.

Life challenge: Accepting the way they are.

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February 23, Pisces

Astrological symbol: The Fish is defined as the symbol for all those born under the Pisces zodiac sign, between February 19 and March 20, according to the tropical astrology. These natives are thought to be altruistic, creative and spiritual.

Modality: Mutable is the modality that is representative for the Pisces horoscope natives. The mutable energy influences confidence and allows the individual to unleash their creativity and originality.

Element: Water is the element influencing Pisces people and is the fourth astrological element to appear. Water is malleable, nourishing and reviving just like the spirits of these natives.

Ruling house: The twelfth is the representative house for the Pisces people born under this astrological sign. This space of the zodiac suggests how endings are just new gateways for other beginnings.

Ruling planet: Neptune. This planet influences fantasy, dreams and illusions. A native in Pisces has inherited at least one talent and should at times rely on its intuition in order to solve troubles encountered in life.

Lucky numbers: These are the numbers considered auspicious for those born with the February 23 birthday 1, 3, 12, 19 and 22.

Lucky day: Thursday represents the first lucky day for Pisces people. This is a day governed by Thor, the God of thunder.

Years of change: Those born under the February 23 horoscope have as years of change and major influence 3, 10, 24 and 38.

February 23 Birthday Compatibility and Love

Pisces natives born with February 23 are generally described as sentimental, romantic and creative lovers. They are sometimes shy and hard to understand but in most cases, once they feel attracted to someone they find the means to get their attention and transform into the most charming conquerors. They live life acutely and they seem to make a drama out of every compromise they might need to make on the way.

Love compatibilities in the zodiac for these people say that they are most compatible and find it easier to have a love relationship with Taurus (April 20- May 20) natives because they have similar interests and views on life. On the other hand they are least compatible with Aquarius (January 20- February 18). Pisces natives are also compatible with the other Water signs: Cancer (June 21- July 22) and Scorpio (October 23- November 21). These two water signs are a strong match! Two sensible human beings with an intuitive perspective on all things. They are either the most sensitive couple or a permanent drama. Being so alike triggers either the best understanding or a continuous argues. It's up to these two how much they are interested to make things work.

People born on the twenty-third day of the month attractive and charming it is very difficult for someone to win their heart if they don't show the slightest interest. They don't settle for less than what they consider it's best for them. And they are a pretentious lover that is sometimes prone to controlling behavior and jealousy fits. Freedom lover, they have an immense love for change and adventure and they will experience many love relationships in their life that they will consider important. If they settle for one person, they will probably be hard to understand and they will still be governed by selfishness. These persons are compatible with people born on the 1st, 2nd, 8th and 10th.

Lucky color

The color used in astrology for those with February 23 is turquoise.

Turquoise suggests youth, fertility and spirituality. This zodiac color is advised to be used in accessories and items of clothing.

People having turquoise as sign color sometimes have moments of low self esteem that vary with moments of full strength and courage. This ever changing mix, ranging and changing shades appeals and stimulates the creative and visionary Pisces.

Other colors that suit Pisces natives are purple, pink and sea-green.


The lucky birthstone for those born under the February 23 is Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is a precious material that denotes awareness and bravery. This zodiac birthstone should be used in all kinds of jewelry items that are to be worn frequently.

This is said to channel positive energy towards clarity of mind and on easing communication between two or more people. This was the stone of the god of the seas and comes in all kind of blue-green shades.

Another gemstone considered beneficial for Pisces natives is Amethyst. It represents refinery and sobriety.


Water Lily is the flower that is considered lucky for those Pisces natives with February 23.

Water Lily suggests expectation and dreaming. This zodiac flower should be used in decorative items in the places these natives spend time.

The multiple petals focused around the golden center suggest a complex and focused nature. This plant can be found during summer to early fall.

Other flowers for Pisces people are Violets and Jonquils.


Aluminum is the representative metal for those born under the February 23.

This is a metal that symbolizes wisdom and originality. This zodiac metal is advised to be used in pendants and earrings.

Aluminum relates to travel, due to its lightness in weight. Although it is soft and lacks strength its malleability is its principal and most used feature. The Roman civilization used it as a mordant in dyeing and as an astringent.

Another metal considered influential for Pisces natives is Zinc.

Statistics and famous birthdays for February 23

February 23 is the 54th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.

Celebrity birthdays for February 23

- George Washington Hewitt: Composer in 1811.

- Victor Fleming: Pasadena, California - Director (Wizard of Oz, Gone With Wind) in 1883.

- Frank Cellier: Surbiton, England - Actor (Quiet Wedding, Big Blockade) in 1884.

- Leonidas Zoras: Composer in 1905.

- Charles Leonard: United States - Pentathelete (1936 Olympics) in 1913.

- Lord Ezra in 1919.

- Lejaren Hiller: Composer in 1924.

- Elston Howard: Yankee catcher (1st black New York Yankee - 1963 AL MVP) in 1929.

- Harry Boldt: German Fed Rep, equestrian dressage (1976 Olympics - Gold Medalist) in 1930.

- Maureen Hicks: British MP in 1949.

Birthday calendar, February 23

- Invention of the Tootsie Roll in 1896.

- Cuba leases Guantanamo Bay to the United States in 1903.

- The beginning of the February Revolution in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1917.

- Plutonium is first produced and isolated by Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg in 1941.

- The first mass inoculation of children against polio with the Salk vaccine in 1954.

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Birthday Numerology for February 23

In numerology the number for February 23 birthday is 5 and represents vision, adventure, expansiveness and versatility. Number 5 persons are action oriented, quick thinkers, curious and exploring and are trying to make use of their freedom constructively. Number 5 people are the misunderstood visionaries that can change the world but they are just too energetic and bright to stick with one project at a time. The letters corresponding to numerology 5 are e, n, w and the vibration is freedom. Mercury is the planet ruling this number.

February people are attractive, intelligent and temperaments. Advisable career choices for these people include analyst, counselor, doctor and psychologist. February has as representative symbols: the Violet and Primrose as plants, Garnet and Jasper as gemstones and the month of purification as stated in the ancient Roman Empire The numerology for the month of February is 2. This number symbolizes cooperation and partnerships. It pertains to exactly the second month in the calendar and suggests an individual who is empathic, sensible and cooperative.

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