January 25 Birthdays

January 25, Aquarius

This is a detailed report about January 25 birthdays together with their astrology meanings and associated zodiac sign that is Aquarius. Amongst the interesting facts you can read about here are birthday personality, positive and negative traits as well as Aquarius love compatibility and numerology for someone born on this day.

January 25 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on January 25 birthdays are empathic, warm hearted and eloquent. They are the pioneering souls of their generation, always caring the newest ideals and principles. These Aquarius natives are innovating and good at bringing originality in every place they set camp to.

Negative traits: Aquarius people born on January 25 are eccentric, cruel and sarcastic. They are frustrated individuals, dwelling between the extremes of their ideals and the cruel reality. Another weakness of Aquarians is that they are overconfident and trust their instincts and abilities a tad too much and that sometimes suffer consequences because of this vanity.

Likes: Journeys and occasions to socialize.

Hates: Routine and having to deal with selfish and self absorbed people.

Lesson to learn: To try and find focus even when time pressured.

Life challenge: Expecting less from those around them.

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January 25, Aquarius

Astrological symbol: The Water bearer is considered the symbol of all Aquarius individuals born between January 20 and February 18, according to the tropical astrology. These natives are witty, generous and spiritual.

Modality: Fixed represents the modality for Aquarius horoscope natives. Fixed individuals are moderate, stubborn, very realistic and stand by their principles.

Element: Air is the third of the astrological elements and influences Aquarius people. This natural power symbolizes clarity, wisdom and adaptability.

Ruling house: The eleventh represents the astrological house for those Aquarius natives born under this astrological sign. This zodiac space symbolizes friendships, dreams and expectations.

Ruling planet: Uranus is the astrological planet that applies for the Aquarius astrology. This is a ruling celestial object that symbolizes original and innovative endeavors.

Lucky numbers: 3, 9, 15, 17 and 27 are the numbers said to bring luck for natives born under the January 25 birthday.

Lucky day: Tuesday is the favored day for these natives and is also ruled by Mars. Aquarius identifies best with the flow of the productive Tuesday.

Years of change: The life periods that are said to be influential for the Aquarius natives born under the January 25 horoscope are 2, 16, 44 and 51.

January 25 Birthday Compatibility and Love

In regard to love, Aquarius natives born on January 25 are described as creative, enthusiastic and loving partners. They are stimulating and supportive lovers but in exchange for their understanding nature they demand a high degree of freedom and that their partner respects their personal space. They hardly open to people they barely know so it takes a lot of time to reach the depths of their complex personalities.

When it comes to compatibilities for these people, the first rule is that they are most attracted to the other Air signs: Gemini (May 21- June 20) and Libra (September 23- October 22). These two air signs are a strong match! You understand each other's ideals and freedom need thus resulting in time generally enjoyed in each other's company. Both of you are good communicators with restless minds a fact that will bring you many benefits during your relationship. The third sign they are compatible with is actually Aquarius. The sign Aquarius natives are said to be least compatible with is Scorpio (October 23- November 21).

Those born on the twenty-fifth day of the month are attracted to creative and fun people. They are enticed by anyone whom can help them escape from their routine world and whom is able to show them something new every time. They can also develop a quick affection towards people whom they can protect and offer stability to. These people are compatible with others born on the 1st, 11th, 19th and 28th .

Lucky color

The color for Aquarius natives born with the January 25 is blue-green.

Blue-green symbolizes loneliness, activity, security and maturity. The zodiac color should be used in items of clothing or objects in the house.

People with blue-green as sign color are mature, active and dependable. Their balanced, confident and independent lifestyle is attractive and so is their usual emotional detachment. This ever changing mix, ranging and changing shades appeals and stimulates the creative and visionary Aquarius.

Other colors indicated for Aquarius are navy blue and grey.


The birthstone used in astrology for those with January 25 is Amethyst.

Amethyst presents a precious stone that reflects refinery and wisdom. This zodiac birthstone is advised to be used in pendants and earrings.

This birthstone is thought to help the wearer express their ideas to others. This stone can be found in Brazil and comes in all kinds of purples and mauves.

Another precious stone considered beneficial for Aquarius natives is Amber. It represents courage.


The lucky flower for those born under the January 25 is Orchid.

Orchid is a known symbol of elegance and sensibility. This zodiac flower is advised to be used for gifts and decorations.

This flower is thought to relate to fertility, curiosity and spirit of innovation. This flower is to be found during midspring.

Other plants that suit Aquarius natives are Chrysanthemum and Ivy.


The lucky metal for those born under the January 25 is Platinum.

Platinum symbolizes inner strength, power and wealth. This zodiac metal could be used in accessories and decorative objects.

This is one of the rarest metals on Earth and so it associated with an exclusive and prestigious status. Platinum is also used as a primary metal in automobile catalytic converters.

Another metal considered beneficial for Aquarius natives is Aluminum.

Statistics and famous birthdays for January 25

January 25 is the 25th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.

Famous birthdays on January 25

- Edmund Campion: London, England - Saint - Jesuit martyr (Decem Rationes) in 1540.

- Robert Boyle: Ireland - Physicist - chemist - author (experiments with color) in 1627.

- Francis George Scott: Composer in 1880.

- Alfred Reed: Composer in 1921.

- Diana Hyland: Cleveland Heights, Ohio - Actress (Peyton Place, 8 is Enough) in 1936.

- Elzie "Buddy" Baker: Race-car driver in 1941.

- Ronnie Brandon: Rocker (McCoys) in 1946.

- Condredge Holloway: Alabama, United States - CFL quarterback (Ottawa, Toronto) in 1954.

- Martha Elizabeth Thomsen: Moses Lake, Washington - Playmate (May, 1980) in 1957.

- Pavel Torgajev: Nizhnij Novgorod, Russia - NHL left wing (Calgary Flames) in 1966.

Birthday calendar, January 25

- Alexander Bell in NY calls Thomas Watson in SF in 1915.

- Topping Webb & MacPhail purchase Yanks for $28 million in 1945.

- First Israeli election in 1949.

- First live nationally televised Presidential news conference (JFK) in 1961.

- Echo 2 US communications satellite launched in 1964.

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Birthday Numerology for January 25

In numerology the number for January 25 birthday is 7 and represents understanding, knowledge and meditation. Number 7 persons are analytical, intelligent, seekers of knowledge, charming personalities and are most respected for their perseverance. Number 7 are introspective and practical but also very perseverant. The letters corresponding to numerology 7 are g, p, y and the vibration is reflection. This number is ruled by the card of the chariot and by the planet Neptune.

Those with the birthday in January are practical, organized and communicative. Recommended careers for these natives include researcher, researcher, doctor and clerk. The symbols for January include Garnet and Onyx as gemstones, Carnation as a plant and the Roman god of openings and closure. Numerology attributes the number 1 to January. Number one is suggestive for ambition and independence. Those born on such a month are energetic and possess leadership qualities.

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