January 4 Birthdays

January 4, Capricorn

Here is an interesting factsheet about January 4 birthdays together with their astrology meanings and associated zodiac sign that is Capricorn. Amongst the interesting facts you can read about here are birthday personality, positive and negative traits as well as Capricorn love compatibility and numerology for someone born on this day.

January 4 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on January 4 birthdays are practical, motivating and hard working. They are loyal individuals, trustworthy and dependable by nature. These Capricorn natives are analytical people who focus on assembling their work efficiently.

Negative traits: Capricorn people born on January 4 are distrusting, unimaginative and cruel. They are materialistic individuals who consider that accomplishment in life can only come from large amounts of money and possessions. Another weakness of Capricorns is that they are suspicious. They find it hard to look past one's intentions.

Likes: Environments that are quiet and far away place where they can disconnect and rediscover themselves.

Hates: Lazy and showy people.

Lesson to learn: How to take more risks and enjoy life properly.

Life challenge: Being less critical with themselves.

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January 4, Capricorn

Astrological symbol: The Goat is defined as the symbol of Capricorn zodiac sign, said to represent all those born between December 22 and January 19, according to the tropical astrology. This astrological connection defines an individual who is hard working, persistent and ready to go through any storm to succeed in life.

Modality: Cardinal represents the modality for Capricorn horoscope natives, being the first modality to appear. This suggests a strong minded individual who stands by his convictions at all times.

Element: Earth is one of the four astrological elements and influences Capricorn people. Earth reflects upon the eternal nature of the ground, its resources and wealth.

Ruling house: The tenth is the astrological house that is representative for the people of this sign. This place in the zodiac symbolizes career and foreign affairs.

Ruling planet: Saturn. This celestial body influences boundaries and limitation in all life matters. This will only teach Capricorn what is true ambition, hard work and realism.

Lucky numbers: 3, 6, 17, 18 and 27 are the numbers considered to bring luck for natives born under the January 4 birthday.

Lucky day: Saturday is the lucky day named in astrology for Capricorn natives. This day is governed by Saturnus, the Roman god of agriculture and resources.

Years of change: The life periods that are said to be influential for the Capricorn natives born under the January 4 horoscope are 5, 12, 26 and 40.

January 4 Birthday Compatibility and Love

Capricorn natives born on January 4 are calm and down to earth lovers. Passion usually is the missing element in their love lives but they compensate it with romance and a lot of affection. They are sincere and loyal lovers whom search for long term relationships. They are aware that love is not forever so they crave for someone who shares the same passions as them.

Astrological compatibilities for these natives say that they are most compatible and find it easier to have a love relationship with Cancer (June 21- July 22). This earth sign and this water sign are a match that can go either way! They can be the most passionate couple today and then argue like the strongest enemies the other day. Opposites do attract but these two are likely to fail the lesson where they model and adapt each other. They are both strong willed and none is going for compromise. These natives are also compatible with the other Earth signs: Taurus (April 20- May 20) and Virgo (August 23- September 22). Capricorn people are thought to have the least chances of getting along with Sagittarius (November 22- December 21).

Lovers born on the fourth day of the month are likely to fall in love at a young age and have many interactions with different kinds of people. Once they settle for their loved one, they are patient and dependable and seek for peace and fulfillment. These people are compatible with others born on the 1st, 8th, 16th and 20th.

Lucky color

Brown is the color said to be representative for Capricorn people born with January 4.

Brown as a hue, is the symbol of stability and traditionalism. This zodiac color should be used for objects that are sitting in places where these natives spend most of their time.

People having brown as sign color are either very determined or easily retreat at the first sign that something doesn't go as planned. Brown may not be something catchy or sparkly but it is reliable and peaceful, just like these natives.

Other colors indicated for Capricorn are dark green and earth tones.


Garnet is the birthstone defined for January 4 and in general for Capricorn natives.

Garnet is a precious material that denotes faithfulness and reliability. This zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and bracelets.

This birthstone is said to help healing in circulatory and respiratory diseases. This stone is derived from the name meaning seeds: granatum. This gemstone comes in red, black and green shades.

Another birthstone considered beneficial for Capricorn natives is Sapphire. It symbolizes sincerity and constancy.


Carnation is the representative flower for those born under the January 4.

Carnation is a known symbol of romance and passion. This zodiac flower should be used in decorations and other accessories.

Carnation relates to the power and persistence emanated by an ambitious personality. You can enjoy this flower during summer time.

Other plants indicated for Capricorn are Carnations and Dandelions.


The metal considered to be representative for Capricorn natives with January 4 is Silver.

Silver is one of those metals that denote mystery and sensibility. This zodiac metal is advised to be used in pendants and earrings.

This precious metal is said to sooth and orients the wearer towards introspection and self development. Silver is also thought to bring great humor and liveliness to the person wearing it.

Another metal considered influential for Capricorn natives is Lead.

Statistics and famous birthdays for January 4

January 4 is the 4th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.

Famous birthdays on January 4

- Johann Friedrich Agricola: German (court)composer - Organist in 1720.

- Cornelis Ploos van Amstel: Dutch engraver - art collector in 1726.

- Thomas H Rollinson: Composer in 1844.

- Edmund Rumpler: Austria - Auto - airplane builder in 1872.

- Roger Vuataz: Composer in 1898.

- Sterling Holloway: Cedartown, Georgia - Actor (Waldo-Life of Riley) in 1905.

- Al "Jazbo" Collins: NYC, New York - DJ (Tonight! America After Dark) in 1919.

- Ann Magnuson: Charleston, West Virginia - Actress (Anything But Love, Hunger) in 1956.

- Stephanie Maxwell-Pierson: Somerville, New Jersey - US rower (1992 Olympics) in 1964.

- Sean Lumpkin: NFL safety (NO Saints) in 1970.

Birthday calendar, January 4

- US treaty with Great Britain ratified in 1784.

- Ontario Rugby Football Union (forerunner of CFL) formed in 1883.

- Burma gains independence from Britain (National Day) in 1948.

- First unmanned subway train to run automatically - NYC in 1962.

- Rose Heilbron becomes the first female judge to sit at the Old Bailey in England in 1972.

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Birthday Numerology for January 4

The day in the January 4 birthday suggests that these people are hard working, meticulous and self disciplined. This numerology meaning suggests creation combined with logic and a bit of stubbornness. All their efforts are focused on leading a calm and organized life. The letters used with numerology 4 are d, m, v and the vibration is creation. This number is ruled by the card of the emperor and by the planet Uranus.

People with the birthday in January are sociable, practical and energetic. Advisable career choices for these people include researcher, sociologist, engineer and human resources. January has as representative symbols: the Carnation as a plant, Garnet and Onyx as gemstones and the god of openings and closure in Roman mythology. Numerology attributes the number 1 to January. This number symbolizes ambition coupled with independence under the magic wand of a unique number as one is. This is also a number of endurance and hardships.

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