July 17 Birthdays

July 17, Cancer

Discover here an interesting factsheet about July 17 birthdays and their astrology meanings, including details about the associated zodiac sign that is Cancer. Amongst the aspects you can read about there are birthday personality characteristics, positive and negative traits as well as Cancer love compatibility and numerology.

July 17 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on July 17 birthdays are charming, warm-hearted and charming. They are ambitious people whom follow their goals persistently and don't even let emotions stand in their way. These Cancer natives are persistent and ambitious in their projects, ready to show their abilities.

Negative traits: Cancer people born on July 17 are hot tempered, possessive and shy. They are insecure people who are not able to completely acknowledge their real self so they burst with uncertainties. Another weakness of Cancerians is that they are shy at times and tend to miss out on connection they would have made if they proved a tad more courageous.

Likes: Introspection and spending time alone.

Hates: Being mocked and entering into conflicts.

Lesson to learn: To avoid being possessive and leave their significant other some time to breath out is one thing Cancer needs to do.

Life challenge: Recognizing their true potential.

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July 17, Cancer

Astrological symbol: The Crab is defined as the symbol for Cancer natives whom are thought to be clingy but quick to retreat when they feel something is wrong just like their glyph, the Crab. This zodiac symbol has the period between June 21 and July 22 as dates according to the tropical astrology.

Modality: Cardinal represents the modality for Cancer horoscope natives. This reflects an ambitious and domineering personality with leadership qualities.

Element: Water is the fourth astrological element and is said to influence Cancer people. Water is nourishing, malleable and reviving just like the spirits of these natives.

Ruling house: The fourth represents the zodiac house for those born with this astrological sign in Cancer. This place in the zodiac symbolizes the stability that is offered by the home.

Ruling planet: Moon. This is the planet of basic needs, emotions, nurturing and regular patterns. There is no day like the other in the life of the "moon child". Emotions swing wildly and stability is found only when the right amount of love, care and protection are offered to the moody Cancerian.

Lucky numbers: July 17 birthday people have as lucky numbers 3, 4, 13, 18 and 23.

Lucky day: Monday is the opportune day for these natives and is the weekday ruled by the Moon, when Cancer identifies best with erratic flow of events.

Years of change: 8, 22, 29 and 43 are the years of change considered to be influential for those born under the July 17 horoscope.

July 17 Birthday Compatibility and Love

When it comes to Cancer lovers born on July 17, there should be first said they are just as intuitive and emotional in love as they are in the other aspect of their lives. They are extremely romantic and they often let their hearts rule over their minds but their intuition never lets them make the wrong choice. They are also quick to leave from any relationship that is not fulfilling enough for them. These people are attracted by novelty and discovering new territories but they also know when to put a stop on this behavior and just settle to one person to whom they offer their entire love and attention. They are moody and hard to manage at times but the rewards of having such a person beside are far more important.

Astrological compatibilities for these natives say that they are most compatible and find it easier to have a love relationship with Virgo (August 23- September 22). This earth sign and this water sign are an easy match! Some say it is one of the ideal couples as no one can say which one of them models the other but the result is certain. They both succeed to get out the best features in their significant other. At a glance, Virgo offers the exact amount of stability, sensitivity and adaptability the moody Cancer needs while Cancer brings creativity and energy in this reliable and loving couple that enjoys at its fullest everything life has to offer. These natives are also compatible with the other Water signs: Scorpio (October 23- November 21) and Pisces (February 19- March 20). Cancer people are thought to have the least chances of getting along with Aquarius (January 20- February 18).

Those born on the seventeenth day of the month are attracted to creative and fun people. They are enticed by anyone whom can help them escape from their routine world and whom is able to show them something new every time. They can also develop a quick affection towards people whom they can protect and offer stability to. These people are compatible with others born on the 1st, 10th, 13th and 19th.

Lucky color

The color for Cancer natives born with the July 17 is Silver.

This hue denotes sparkle and light given to the depth of mystery in black by the purity of white. The zodiac color should be used in items of clothing or objects in the house.

People having silver as sign color are quiet and usually hide their feelings and have complicated and confusing love lives. It is associated with activity and inspires movement and these are the bases on which these people build their lives.

Other colors that suit Cancer natives are violet, blue and pastels.


The birthstone for Cancer natives born with the July 17 is Pearl.

Pearl is a precious material that denotes purity and sensitivity. This zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and bracelets.

Pearls symbolize sensitivity, charity and integrity and reveal once again the connection of Cancer with the Moon and water. Pearls come in white and grey shades and have been used as an adornment for centuries.

Another gemstone considered influential for Cancer natives is Moonstone. It suggests cleanness and sensibility.


The lucky flower for those born under the July 17 is represented by Acanthus.

Acanthus suggests nourishment and grace. This zodiac flower should be used in decorative items in the places these natives spend time.

Accanthus radiates sensitivity and reveals a nurturing spirit oriented towards both people and environment. You can enjoy this flower during early summer .

Other plants indicated for Cancer are Water Lilies.


Silver is the metal of preference for Cancer natives, especially those born under the July 17.

This is a metal that symbolizes sensuality and mystery. This zodiac metal should be used in bracelets and other accessories.

This precious metal is said to sooth and orients the wearer towards introspection and self development. Silver is also malleable and precious and can only bring good spirit to anyone wearing it.

Another metal considered beneficial for Cancer natives is Platinum.

Statistics and famous birthdays for July 17

July 17 is the 198th day of the year or the 199th day in leap years, in the Gregorian Calendar.

Famous birthdays on July 17

- Vittorio Gnecchi: Composer in 1876.

- Shmuel Agnon, Israeli novelist (Day Before Yesterday) (Nobel 1966). in 1888.

- Christina Stead: Australia - Novelist (Man Who Loved Children) in 1902.

- Norman Waterhouse Lees: Jazz fan in 1905.

- George Barnes: Chicago Heights, Illinois - Guitarist (Skip Farrell Show) in 1921.

- P D Q Bach (Peter Schickele): Iowa, United States - Composer (5th of Beethoven) in 1935.

- Phyllis Davis: Port Arthur, Texas - Actress (Love American Style, Vega$) in 1940.

- Phoebe Snow, Singer in 1952.

- Michael John Bradley: Largo, Florida - PGA golfer (1993 Kemper Open-3rd) in 1966.

- Daniel Kunce: Sumperk, Germany - Hockey defenseman (Team Germany 1998) in 1971.

Birthday calendar, July 17

- Spanish American War-Spaniards surrender to US at Santiago Cuba in 1898.

- Yanks 21 hits Browns 17 hits Browns win 7-6 in 17 on squeeze play in 1919.

- Variety's famous headline `Sticks Nix Hick Pix' in 1935.

- Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak ends in 1941.

- Rep of Korea founded in 1948.

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Birthday Numerology for July 17

The day in the July 17 birthday suggests enterprise, imagination and responsibility and dedication as a leader. Number 8 persons are experts in handling power and authority which they seek at any cost. Driven to achievements and recognition while exercising sound judgment. The letters corresponding to numerology 8 are h, q, z and the vibration is progress. This number is ruled by the Moon and by the card of strength.

Those with the birthday in July are possessive, persistent and resourceful. Appropriate career choices for these natives include CEO, executive, human resources and counselor. The symbols for July include Ruby and Onyx as gemstones and Larkspur and Water Lilly as plants. Being born in the month of July it seems that number 7 will govern parts of your life. This is the number of frankness, honesty and empathy. Restless and sociable, these individuals can be quite convincing.

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