June 10 Birthdays

June 10, Gemini

Read here about June 10 birthdays and their astrology meanings, including details about the associated zodiac sign that is Gemini. Amongst the interesting facts you can read about there are birthday personality characteristics, positive and negative traits as well as Gemini love compatibility and numerology.

June 10 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on June 10 birthdays are flexible, imaginative and eloquent. The people are charming and attractive to their peers as they always seem to have a joyous vibe surrounding them. These Gemini natives are analytical and eloquent as they can open a matter in million peaces and then present it in full detail.

Negative traits: Gemini people born on June 10 are bored easily, unsympathetic and impulsive. They are nervous individuals who are prone to succumbing to their emotions and even to acting in a violent way. Another weakness of Geminis is that they are lazy. They seem to have energy for all kinds of things but not for those that are important and this is when self indulgence hits.

Likes: Journeys and occasions to socialize.

Hates: Routine and don't have too much interest in traditional customs.

Lesson to learn: Having more confidence in their knowledge and skills and knowing exactly what they can achieve.

Life challenge: Accept they don't always know everything.

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June 10, Gemini

Astrological symbol: The Twins is defined as the symbol for Gemini natives whom are thought to be curious individual with a great passion for knowledge and socializing. This zodiac symbol has the period between May 21 and June 20 as dates according to the tropical astrology.

Modality: Gemini sun sign is a Mutable sign, the third modality in astrology. Mutable energy reveals an individual who stands by his or her reactions and choices with confidence and elegance.

Element: Air is the element lending traits to Gemini people and is the third astrological element. This power of nature suggests openness and adaptability.

Ruling house: The third represents the astrological house for those Gemini natives born under this astrological sign. The third space of the zodiac represents travel endeavors.

Ruling planet: Mercury is the astrological planet that applies for the Gemini astrology. This is a ruling celestial object that symbolizes means of transportation and communication.

Lucky numbers: The numbers that are said to be lucky for those natives born with the June 10 birthday are 4, 7, 11, 14 and 20.

Lucky day: Wednesday is the main lucky day for the Gemini zodiac sign. This is a day identified with Mercury, the Roman god of commerce and originality.

Years of change: Those born under the June 10 horoscope have as years of change and major influence 28, 35, 42 and 52.

June 10 Birthday Compatibility and Love

Gemini natives born on June 10 are optimistic and adventurous lovers. They are those people everyone loves to spend their time with but they can be quite moody and complicated when it comes to love, especially when it comes to settling for one person. They are people of ideas so any relationship with them will be an endless string of events, novelty and surprises. They are impulsive and quick to fall in love but they also put an end to whatever relation they feel is not enriching their lives.

Most Gemini people are attracted to the other two air signs: Libra (September 23- October 22) and Aquarius (January 20- February 18). With Libras they share the same thirst for using knowledge to help others, while Aquarians will always entice them for their relaxed way of approaching life. In love, Gemini seeks someone who can truly listen to their ideas and help them grow to their potential. The most suitable sign to offer them this kind of energy is Sagittarius (November 22- December 21). On the other hand, Gemini people seem to be least compatible with Taurus (April 20- May 20) because of their opposing views on many aspects of life.

Those born on the tenth day of the month are attracted to people who are equally magnetic and charming like them. They put a great price on physical attraction and they sure know how to entice their point of interest. These people are also attracted to eccentric and creative persons who can maintain their interest alive. Stay away from them unless you know how to keep the flame alive. Otherwise their passion but lack of understanding will burn you. These people are compatible with others born on the 4th, 13th, 15th and 22nd.

Lucky color

Yellow is the representative color for those born under the June 10.

Yellow symbolizes brightness, joy and warmth and is exactly what the natives in Gemini need to keep up their lively attitude. This zodiac color should be used in objects that surround the natives.

People who have yellow as sign color are determined, intelligent and cheerful. They are vulnerable people under stress and consider they should hide their emotions. They don't like to share their feelings or any sign of weakness.

Other colors for Gemini people are green and purple.


The lucky birthstone for those born under the June 10 is Agate.

This is a precious stone that symbolizes softness and comfort. This zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and bracelets.

This birthstone's healing and soothing properties work best on the digestive system, the spleen and the heart. Uruguay and Southern Brazil are the most known places where Agates can be found.

Another gemstone considered beneficial for Gemini natives is Pearl. It represents sensitivity and preciousness.


Lavender is the flower defined for June 10 and in general for Gemini natives.

Lavender suggests beauty, creativity and liveliness. This zodiac flower should be used in decorations and other accessories.

Lavender also has a soothing and calming influence. This plant can be found during spring and summer time.

Other flowers representative for Gemini are Poppy and Lily of the Valley.


The metal considered to be representative for Gemini natives with June 10 is Bronze.

Bronze is known to represent wisdom and never ending power. The zodiac metal could be used in accessories and jewelry items.

This metal is also related to artistic actions and warfare. It is said to influence and education of an entire nation. It is said to influence human civilization and progress.

Another metal considered beneficial for Gemini natives is Gold.

Statistics and famous birthdays for June 10

June 10 is the 161st day of the year or the 162nd day in leap years, in the Gregorian Calendar.

Famous birthdays on June 10

- Friedrich Kaiser: Dutch astronomer (Kaiser compass-card) in 1808.

- Yamaoka Tesshu: Japanese swordsman - master of kendo in 1836.

- Paul J M Lindemans: Flemish agricultural engineer - author in 1890.

- Asher Wallfish: Journalist in 1928.

- Harald Juhnke: Berlin, Germany - Actor (Guitars of Love) in 1929.

- Jurgen Prochnow: Actor (Das Boot) in 1941.

- Kevin Corcoran: Actor (Swiss Family Robinson, Babes in Toyland) in 1949.

- Vicky Latta: Auckland, New Zealand - Equestrian 3 day event (1996 Olympics) in 1951.

- Kevin Donnalley: NFL guard - tackle (Houston - Tennessee Oilers) in 1968.

- James Cleveland McFadden-Talbot: Son of Gates McFaden (Star Trek NG) in 1991.

Birthday calendar, June 10

- Georg F.B. Reiman proposes that space is curved in 1854.

- Agnes arrives in New Orleans with First ever shipment of frozen beef in 1869.

- Wilbert Robinson gets 7 base hits in 1 baseball game in 1892.

- Portuguese Natl Day in 1910.

- First demonstration of artificial lightning Pittsfield Mass in 1932.

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Birthday Numerology for June 10

The day in the June 10 birthday suggests a lot of independence, loyalty and energy. Number 1 persons are independent, willful, original, determined, self confident and have the courage of their convictions. They are driven to achievement with a strong desire for success, ambitious and also conscious of their public image, characteristics of powerful figures with strong leadership skills. The letters associated with numerology 1 are a, j and s. This number is ruled by the Moon and by the card of the magician.

People whose birthdays are in June are dreamy, kind and creative. The careers appropriate for these natives include public relations, sculptor, photographer and professor. June has as representative symbols: the Rose and Oak as plants, Alexandrite and Moonstone as gemstones and the goddess of family in the Roman Empire. Numerology attributes the number 6 to June. This number symbolizes safety and accomplishment. Those born on this month are admired, spiritual and ambitious.

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