October 13 Birthdays

October 13, Libra

Discover here an interesting factsheet about October 13 birthdays and their astrology meanings, including details about the associated zodiac sign that is Libra. Amongst the aspects you can read about there are birthday personality characteristics, positive and negative traits as well as Libra love compatibility and numerology.

October 13 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on October 13 birthdays are endearing, eloquent and supportive. They are just and honest people always in search of the moral solutions to their troubles. These Libra natives are peaceful and quite reserved in most situations as they prefer to sit in the back and observe everything.

Negative traits: Libra people born on October 13 are careless, anxious and adventurous. They are indecisive people who tend to act relentless whenever faced with making a decision. Another weakness of Libras is that they are selfish and sometimes shallow.

Likes: Situations where have the chance to guide and offer moral support.

Hates: Being stuck in a routine.

Lesson to learn: To think before they act as they can sometimes be hasty due to wrong impulses.

Life challenge: Being less critical with themselves.

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October 13, Libra

Astrological symbol: The Scales is defined as the symbol for Libra natives whom are thought to be reserved, observant and also methodical and analytical. This astrological connection matches those born between September 23 and October 22, according to the tropical astrology.

Modality: Libra horoscope natives are under the influence of the Cardinal modality. The cardinal energy suggests a courageous leader who takes position and fights for his high goals.

Element: Air is the third astrological element and is lends traits to Libra people. This force of nature suggests honesty, clarity and communications.

Ruling house: The seventh represents the astrological house for those Libra natives born under this astrological sign. This is a place of partnerships being them in business or in love.

Ruling planet: Venus. This celestial body influences romance, desire and beauty. These are also the basis for some attractive hidden features of the apparently calm and composed Libra.

Lucky numbers: 4, 6, 10, 13 and 26 are the numbers considered lucky for those born under the October 13 birthday.

Lucky day: Wednesday is the opportune day for these natives and is the opportune day for these natives and is the weekday ruled by Mercury, when Libra identifies best with communicative flow of events.

Years of change: Defining years for those born within the October 13 horoscope are 6, 13, 27 and 41.

October 13 Birthday Compatibility and Love

Libra natives born on October 13 are said to be conservative and loyal lovers. They are calm and aware of their needs in love. They might have some difficulty finding the right persons for them because of their expectations but when love comes they accept to make some compromises and settle. They are mostly peaceful individuals who want to live a quiet and unassuming life. They need balance and to create and emotional connection to their partners. They are sociable and friendly and it sometimes happen for them to fall for people they already know for some time.

Most Libra people are attracted to the other two air signs: Gemini (May 21- June 20) and Aquarius (January 20- February 18). With Geminis they seem to share the same sense of cooperation and diplomacy, while Aquarians entice them with their ideas and the way they build their lives. In a relationship, Libra is in a constant search for a curious and creative partner. The most appropriate zodiac sign to offer them this kind of energy is Aquarius. On the other hand, Libra people seem to be least compatible with Aries (March 21- April 19) because of their opposing views on many aspects of life.

Those born on the thirteenth day of the month are attracted to sensual partners who know how to handle them and know how to combine praise with criticism. As intuitive as they are in many life matters, when it comes to love they sometimes succumb to their impulses, without a second thought. These people are compatible with others born on the 1st, 17th, 19th and 25th.

Lucky color

The color considered to be representative for Libra natives with October 13 is blue.

Blue symbolizes openness and balance. This zodiac color is advised to be used in accessories and items of clothing.

People who have blue as sign color are creative, trustworthy, reliable and tend to live a harmonious and balanced life. Pure blue as a representation of the sky and oceans is the symbol of inspiration and spirituality that is calming and soothing.

Other hues for Libra natives are pink and green.


Opal is the birthstone said to be representative for Libra people born with October 13.

Opal is a precious material that denotes purity and sincerity. This zodiac birthstone should be used in pendants, bracelets and other accessories.

This gemstone is said to relax and induce physical visions. It is thought to unleash the creative genius and might help Libra express their emotions and ideas in a clearer and convincing way. Did you know that Opal is the official gemstone of Australia? Its name derives from the Greek "opallos" that means "to change color".

Another gemstone considered lucky for Libra natives is Jade. It is the symbol of practical wisdom.


The lucky flower for those born under the October 13 is Rose.

Rose is a known symbol of romance and loyalty. This zodiac flower is advised to be used for gifts and decorations.

White roses mean purity, red roses sensuality and yellow roses jealousy and so on for the other shades of roses. This plant can be found during midspring to fall.

Other plants that suit Libra natives are the flowers of all fruit trees.


The metal used in astrology for those with October 13 is Bronze.

Bronze symbolizes hard earned wealth and wisdom. This zodiac metal should be used in bracelets and other accessories.

This is a metal of monetary wealth, artistic creations and warfare. It was thought to influence human civilization and progress.

Another metal considered beneficial for Libra natives is Copper.

Statistics and famous birthdays for October 13

October 13 is the 286th day of the year or the 287th day in leap years, in the Gregorian Calendar.

Famous birthdays on October 13

- Ecco Epkema: Dutch linguist (Frisian, old-Frisian) in 1759.

- Lafayette Curry Baker: Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1868 in 1826.

- Ludwig Weber: Composer in 1891.

- Vera (A Veronica) Bondam: Actress in 1895.

- John Grant: British rear-admiral in 1908.

- Art(hur) Tatum: US jazz pianist - composer in 1910.

- Lacy J Dalton: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania - Country singer (Crazy Blue Eyes) in 1948.

- Olympia-Ann Sylvers: Rocker in 1951.

- Ann Grossman: Grove City, Ohio - Tennis star (1994 LA finalist) in 1970.

- Irv Smith: NFL tight end (NO Saints) in 1971.

Birthday calendar, October 13

- Battle of Queenstown Heights. in 1812.

- Texas ratifies a state constitution. in 1845.

- Kukla Fran & Ollie premiers in 1947.

- Pirate's Mazeroski's bottom of 9th lead off HR beats Yanks 10-9 in game 7 of World Series in 1960.

- Soyuz 8 is launched in 1969.

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Birthday Numerology for October 13

The day in the October 13 birthday suggests that these people are hard working, meticulous and self disciplined. Number 4 persons are practical, very organized, trustworthy, stable and reliable, with fine management skills. They are pragmatic, hard working and have strong sense of order and values. They are attentive to detail, are disciplined and show struggle and fight against limits. The letters associated with numerology 4 are d, m, v and the vibration is creation. This number is ruled by the card of the emperor and by the planet Uranus.

People with the birthday in October are opinionated, dependable and passionate. Career prospects for these natives include scientist, counselor, professor and doctor. October symbols that resonate with these people are the Aquamarine and Opal as gemstones and the Calendula as plant. October as a month of the year is governed by the number 1 according to astrology meanings. This number symbolizes independence and the energy of the self. It means the vitality coming from one spirit combined with remarkable life abilities.

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