October 31 Birthdays

October 31, Scorpio

Here is an interesting factsheet about October 31 birthdays together with their astrology meanings and associated zodiac sign that is Scorpio. Amongst the interesting facts you can read about here are birthday personality, positive and negative traits as well as Scorpio love compatibility and numerology for someone born on this day.

October 31 Personality Traits

Positive traits: Natives born on October 31 birthdays are intuitive, diplomatic and ingenious. They are magnetic and unpredictable beings, always reacting in a different way and always revealing another facet of their complex personalities. These Scorpio natives are confident in their own abilities and capacities.

Negative traits: Scorpio people born on October 31 are frustrated, ruthless and compulsive. They are indecisive individuals who tend to act relentless whenever faced with making a decision or an important promise. Another weakness of Scorpions is that they are pessimistic. They sometimes see everything in shades of grey and black.

Likes: Spending somewhere in nature, close to water and with their loved one if possible.

Hates: Rudeness and avarice.

Lesson to learn: How to stop being so resentful and full of grudge.

Life challenge: Accepting the way they are.

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October 31, Scorpio

Astrological symbol: The Scorpion is considered the symbol of all Scorpio individuals born between October 23 and November 21, according to the tropical astrology. These natives are said to be persistent, curious and revengeful just like the Scorpion.

Modality: Fixed is defined as the modality for Scorpio horoscope natives and is the second modality in astrology. This suggests an analytical individual who is confident in his or her own powers and quite distrustful with others.

Element: Water is the fourth astrological element and the element influencing Scorpio people. This force of nature reveals an ever changing malleable nature, nourishing and supporting.

Ruling house: The eight represents the house that applies for the natives of this astrological sign. This place in the zodiac symbolizes the mystery of death and the sensuality of life pleasures.

Ruling planet: Pluto. This planet influences desires, enterprise and transformations. This explains why Scorpio is always craving for something new and why this zodiac signs always seems to be involved in a mysterious and attractive endeavor.

Lucky numbers: The numbers that are said to be lucky for the natives born under the October 31 birthday are 4, 9, 12, 15 and 22.

Lucky day: Tuesday is the auspicious day for these natives and is the weekday ruled by Mars. While many people hate this day, Scorpio identifies best with the flow of the productive Tuesday.

Years of change: 4, 11, 25 and 32 are the years thought to influence and change those born under the October 31 horoscope Scorpio.

October 31 Birthday Compatibility and Love

When it comes to Scorpio lovers born on October 31, there should be first said they are strong willed and passionate. They love to be in control of everything that is going on so they tend to be quite domineering with their partners. They are adventurous at times but also know how to seriously commit when is the case. They are sometimes set to suppress their own desires as to offer support and understanding to their partners. They are individuals whom are passionate deep inside but who need a sparkle to light their love lives so to unleash their true colors.

Most Scorpio people are attracted to the other two water signs: Cancer (June 21- July 22) and Pisces (February 19- March 20). With Cancerians they share the same emotional sensibility and intuition, while Pisces entice them for being as creative and interesting as them. In love, Scorpio is in a permanent search for a partner who can understand them and also fulfill all their desires. The best sign to offer them this kind of stability is Taurus (April 20- May 20). Opposite to this, Scorpio people seem to be least compatible with Libras (September 23- October 22) because they seem to have different views on way too many things in life.

Those born on the thirty-first day of the month are loyal and trustworthy lovers. They try to empathize with their partners and to be supportive with their endeavors. They are likely to compromise for the sake of their relationships although this might make them unhappy with themselves. These people are compatible with others born on the 1st, 17th, 19th and 26th.

Lucky color

The lucky color for those born under the October 31 is deep red.

Deep red is a hue that indicates action and drives everyone's attention in a more subtle way than pure red. The zodiac color should be used in items of clothing or objects in the house.

Those with deep red as sign color are tenacious, puzzle solvers, who like to be challenged but don't like change. The mysterious Scorpio knows exactly how to use this simulative color to boost their confidence and to attract all attention.

Other colors indicated for Scorpio are purple, scarlet and carmine.


Topaz is the birthstone said to be representative for Scorpio people born with October 31.

Topaz symbolizes friendship and altruism. This zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and bracelets.

This birthstone is thought to reveal new ways of interaction with the outside world and also enhance innate characteristics of an individual. This gemstone comes in yellow and golden shades.

Another gemstone considered beneficial for Scorpio natives is Garnet. It represents constancy and balance.


Chrysanthemum is the flower that is considered lucky for those Scorpio natives with October 31.

This plant is known to symbolize meditation and introspection. This zodiac flower could be used in gifts and accessories.

This is a flower thought to clear negative energies from around it so it can be used as a lucky charm or joyous decoration You can enjoy this flower during midsummer to late fall.

Other flowers representative for Scorpio are Poppies and Lavender.


Iron is the representative metal for those born under the October 31.

This is a metal that symbolizes action and purity. The zodiac metal could be used in accessories and jewelry items.

Iron usage promotes action and confidence. Iron also has magnetic properties well studies by the science.

Another metal considered beneficial for Scorpio natives is Zinc.

Statistics and famous birthdays for October 31

October 31 is the 304th day of the year or the 305th day in leap years, in the Gregorian Calendar.

Celebrity birthdays for October 31

- John Evelyn: British diarist (Life of Mrs Godolphin) in 1620.

- Jan Vermeer, Dutch painter (Procuress, The Astronomer) in 1632.

- Raleigh Edward Colston: Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1896 in 1825.

- Edouard Lalonde: Canada - NHL (Montreal Canadiens) - lacrosse player in 1887.

- George Hubert Wilkins: Australia - Polar explorer (Flying the Arctic) in 1888.

- Willie Shaw: Race car driver (Indy 500-1937, 39, 40) in 1902.

- Helen Lessore: Artist in 1907.

- Christine Bridged: Australian European class yachter (1996 Olympics) in 1961.

- Amanda Sandrelli: Rome, Italy - Actress (The Key) in 1964.

- Carla Boyd: Wynyard, Tasmania - Basketball player (1996 Olympics - Bronze Medalist) in 1975.

Birthday calendar, October 31

- Execution of the Girondins at Paris during the Reign of Terror. in 1793.

- William Parson 3rd Earl of Rosse & maker of large telescopes dies in 1865.

- Erich Weiss better known as Magician Harry Houdini dies. in 1926.

- Bkln NY ends streetcar service in 1956.

- Lee Harvey Oswald announces in Moscow he will never return to US in 1959.

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Birthday Numerology for October 31

In numerology the number for October 31 birthday is 4 and represents foundation, order, steady growth. Number 4 persons are practical, very organized, trustworthy, stable and reliable, with fine management skills. Number 4 people have a strong sense of order and stability. The letters associated with numerology 4 are d, m, v and the vibration is creation. Uranus and the card of the emperor rule this number.

October people are dependable, loyal and hard working. Career choices for these natives include clerk, researcher, scientist and counselor. October symbols that resonate with these people are the Aquamarine and Opal as gemstones and the Calendula as plant. The numerology for October is 1. Number one is suggestive for the energy of the young self. It means the vitality coming from one spirit combined with remarkable life abilities.

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